Sunday, December 22, 2019

Father Know's Best

At the crack of dawn, Josh quietly entered his fathers bedroom.  His father was snoring peacefully as the first rays of the morning sun crept into the room. His muscular frame barely fit on the queen size mattress, and Josh knew that his father was entirely nude under the thin sheets.  He had requested that his father maintain nudity at all times while in the household and to always keep his legs open for free use. The older man's trained legs were spread wide and his bulging thighs directed the eyes casually towards a massive tent in the sheets indicating his father was enjoying a pleasant dream.

Gently, Josh lifted the covers at the base of the bed and snaked his hands up towards his father's morning wood, caressing his dad's muscular thighs which were covered in a thick layer hair before reaching his target, his fathers massive orbs.  He carefully encircled each massive orb with both hands, rolling the dense organs around slowly.  A faint smile appeared on his slumbering father's face as his son gently caressed his testes, rubbing each part of his babymakers gently and pleasurably.

His father sported the largest pair of nuts Josh had ever seen, despite his years in the locker room showers from a lifetime of athletics.  They were the size of small oranges, and incredibly dense, able to take an incredible amount of pressure before distorting, an act he had tested innumerable times. Above his gargantuan testes was an massive uncut cock, easily 9 inches long with incredible veins down it's length. It was a behemoth of a cock that men could only dream of obtaining. When brought to orgasm, the horse cock released ridiculously thick loads of cum nearly unendingly due to the large reservoir of semen housed in his continuously blue balls. While Josh never stimulated his father's shaft, it leaked precum constantly during their frequent "virility" lowering sessions.

A damp spot was rapidly forming at the precipice of the tent in the sheets as the first of his fathers virile juices began flowing.  Josh smiled at his blissfully unaware victim, before digging his thumb deep into the membrane of each nut.  His thumbs slid deeply into the nut flesh that once birthed him, causing his dad’s nuts to distort horribly and take on a reddish hue from the sudden pressure.

"Good morning Dad!" Josh spoke cheerfully, rotating his thumb so his nail sunk deep into each meaty orb.  His carefully trimmed nail dimpled each large organ brutally, his inquisitive fingers pressed into his balls inward towards each other as if Josh was attempting to make his fingers touch through the meaty organs.

A slight groan indicated that his father was abruptly awake, and he briefly attempted to close his legs before engaging his core to allow his son access to his babymakers.  He was well trained from years of practice to keep his legs open, and nuts available, whenever his son felt the need to bust him. Even in his sleepy state, he knew to make his equipment available for his son’s pleasure.

"G-good morning son." Mark groggily replied. "You're up early today."

Mark glanced down at his own rock hard cock, which was slowly drooping from the intense testicle pain his son was inflecting.  It felt like a knife was stabbing his balls each time his son pressed his nail into them.  Josh’s trained hands sunk deep into their girth, causing them to comically distort. Conversely to the pain, his half flaccid cock twitched pearls of precum with each nut cracking probe which were splattering his chiseled abs.   With enough "stimulation" Mark's muscular torso would look like a grisly "Jackson Pollack" painting.

"It's the first day of Spring Break, so I wanted to get a head start on the day!" Josh said brightly, while pulsing his thumbs absentmindedly into his father's testes and watching his fathers cock twitch with each probing squeeze.  It was a tantalizing sight, despite Josh's affirmed heterosexuality.  He knew there was at least a weeks worth of cum inside his father's orbs, aching to get out and he enjoyed watching the beleaguered manhood struggle to relieve itself without stimulation. Josh refused to allow his father to relieve the pressure himself or to assist in the process himself, enjoying his father's sexual frustration and only allowing nut pain related orgasms.


Mark silenced a scream as his body reacted unconsciously to the mashing his spuds were taking.  He knew better than to cry out with what Josh would consider “light” ball play, lest he segue into heavier play without giving him time to acclimate to the sweet agony. 

“Oooo they’re extra sensitive today, huh?” Josh grinned sadistically. He had spent the previous evening drinking heavily and busting his dad’s bull nuts with reckless abandon late into the night. There was still some light swelling from that previous session further bolstering their impressive size.

Josh knew every part of his dad's testes intimately from years of daily torture. He was careful to crush each section of the heavy balls evenly, without giving his dad's balls a chance to rest. He twisted them and pulled them brutally while dimpling the orbs cruelly with his strong fingers.  Yanked to their limits in their sack, his father's nuts had no where to escape to.  The meticulously shaven testes were mashed and mauled in near silence, with only a few morning chirps of birds interrupting the silence.

"So I was thinking Dad..." Josh said carefully, switching to crushing just his fathers left orb with both hands.  The nut distorted to half it's usual girth and Josh continued to pulse his fingers further into it's depths as if determined to reach the center of the meaty organ.  "I'm going to be graduating from college soon and will have to move away soon after for my internship.  What are we going to do about our little problem here?”

He nodded his head down at the beleaguered organ, as if to highlight the issue at hand.

Mark moaned as he felt his son's fingers sink deep into his left nut, almost to the knuckle.  His ball was beginning to swell horribly from the treatment and he was panting slightly in concentration to not pull his body away from the brutal ball play.  He knew all to well the punishment for disallowing his son full access to his reproductive organs.  His cock, however began to inflate as the gears began turning in his head.

"W-what do you have in mind?" Mark managed to spit out, before a particularly rough squeeze silenced him.

"Well, it's just a thought, but..." Josh spoke wistfully, "Well, we’ve put a lot of mileage into these babies here and you know what I’ve always wanted to do before leaving the state...”

Josh let his fathers nut free from his crushing grip. It fell against his dad's thigh with a meaty slap before plumping up to it's normal size again.  It came to rest languidly on his muscular leg, like a bruised kumquat.

"You mean, like..."


Josh's fist came crashing down onto his dad's balls, pounding them against his pelvis. The left, more swollen nut was especially assaulted, flattening to a fraction of it's normal girth between his pelvic bone and Josh's knuckles.  Due to their natural size it was difficult to strike both with a single blow, but Josh was a semi professional fighter and talented ballbuster.

"Rupture of course!" Josh gleefully spoke, his voice piercing the quiet morning air as his father squealed from the nut pain, and thrashed his legs about, knocking the bedding to the floor.

A wave of pain overwhelmed Mark's brain, but his cock responded to his son's question before he could, inflating to full mast in a fraction of a second.  His impressive member slapped rigid against his abs as he fought to maintain control over his body. A single pearl of precum formed on his engorged cock, glistening in the sunlight, before splattering against his abs as he involuntarily twitched on the mattress.

Josh stepped back from the bed and smiled at the cruel scene.

His own cock had inflated to full mast from the sound of his father's keening screams, and he slipped off his basketball shorts casually to allow his cock to hang freely in the morning air.  Josh had inherited his father's virile masculinity, sporting a thick 8 inch uncut cock which hung rigid in the cool morning air.  He began to absentmindedly jerk off at the sadistic erotism of ruining to nuts that birthed him.

Below his thick shaft was a pair of testes that most men would only dream of owning.  While not as large as his fathers, they were thick, kiwi sized balls that Josh had worked extensively on stretching lower with weights over the years.  They hung nearly 5 inches from his taint, and jiggled languidly with each stroke of his shaft. His father identified as a straight male, but Josh would often force him to gently suckle his lowhangers gently during their sessions.  The disgusted face his father would make each time only served to turn him on more.

“Mmm now that was a solid punch!” Josh said, flexing a bicep arrogantly. 

Josh was a gorgeous male specimen, with a rippling musculature from years of MMA fighting and weight training. At 6’2” he surpassed his father in height, but his father had him beat in pure muscle mass. He sported well developed pectorals and perfectly contoured abs that led the eyes naturally to his impressive manhood.  Coupled with his trained body, his sadistic mind made him the perfect ball buster.

Mark's left testicle was swelling at a rapid rate, now obviously larger then it's counterpart and turning bright red from the brutal treatment. Conversely to the agony radiating from his loins, his cock was harder than ever.  It was so engorged with blood it was almost painful and a steady stream of precum was now streaming from his cock and dribbling onto his abs.  Mark engaged his core and forced his legs apart for his son, knowing that he was hardly done with his babymakers.

"You really wanna try and crack them?" he asked, arousal heavy in his pained voice.  Castration fantasy was often a theme of their sessions, but despite the years of reckless testicle mashing, his nuts had never succumbed to bursting.  They were incredibly tough organs and were trained to take incredible amounts of punishment that would neuter most men.  There was seldom a night that his testes weren't swollen and bruised, but his huevos always plumped back into shape and had never taken permanent damage besides short term sterility.

Josh dropped his cock, stepped forward, and reached between his father's legs, caressing and squeezing the reddening testicles.  He gently rotated his thumbs into the meaty organs, smiling as his dad arched his back pleasurable and moaned from the sensation. Then, he increased the pressure. He sadistically dug his nails into every part of the fragile orbs, dimpling them cruelly and feeling for weakness in the dense nuggets.  They had taken a ridiculous amount of abuse over the years that Josh was cohabiting, and it would be quite the challenge.

"It'll be the perfect solution for your problem here Dad." Josh smiled devilishly and Mark's cock twitched again in fear. "It's gonna be tough! We'll have to work really hard to crack em'... But I'm willing to do whatever it takes."

His playful tone shifted to something more sinister. There was nary a night that Josh didn’t fantasize about ruining his stud of a Dad. He had been given full permission to remove his father from the gene pool years ago, but was now ready to complete the deed. 

He looked down at his fathers distorted orbs almost wistfully. While the act of ruining them made his cock twitch in desire, he also knew he’d miss the thick eggs once they were gone. Some of Josh's greatest orgasms had come from mangling his Dad's manhood, and he was slightly hesitant to finish the job.

Their relationship had initially been one of normal familial values, until one evening when Josh came home from practice to find his father hunched over a stack of bills with a scowl on his face.

"What's up Dad?" He asked.

His father leaned back, sighed dramatically, and spoke.

"Just going over finances for the month.  Business is in decline and nearly half of my income is going towards damned child support this month."

His voice sounded tired and bordering on annoyance.

Josh was one of five children, from four separate women.  Mark was incredibly virile, and even with protection and birth control, he found himself paying for either plan B, abortion procedures, or ongoing child support regularly.  Almost every date that ended in coitus over the past months had resulted in a difficult phone call days later. Mark, being an incredibly sexually charged male was hesitant to taper his sex life despite the ongoing cost and risks.

Josh stripped off his gym tee before taking a seat across from his beefy father, his abs drenched in sweat from an intense workout at his boxing gym.  There was a noticeable bulge in his basketball shorts where a jockstrap attempted in vain to secure his member. The lump in his shorts inevitably jiggled with every movement and Mark consciously avoided eye contact with it.  The two of them were very comfortable with their masculinity and were both often in a state of undress even before their relationship took a sadistic turn.

"Damn that sucks Dad, have you tried pulling out?" Josh smiled wryly, wiping his brow with a hand towel. They had a playful relationship, always quick to proverbially bust each other’s balls.

Mark glanced up at his son, unamused, before resuming his work.

"Your old man here is too much of a stud apparently, and that comes with a cost sadly," he retorted dryly, flexing his bicep arrogantly.

Josh laughed, but also eyed his fathers muscular arms with envy. His father was even more popular with the ladies then he was. The older stud was able to score dates with the hottest instagram models and models in the city with seemingly little effort.

"You know..." Josh said, cautiously, "One of my workout buddies, Matt, was telling me there is a one-hundred percent effective male birth control method that him and his girlfriend have been trying.”

His father shifted the bills in his hands, focused on the numbers in front of him and noncommittally grunted. 

"Apparently, the day before they have unprotected sex he always 'forgets' his cup at home.  A kick or two and he's shooting blanks."

Mark looked up and raised an eyebrow incredulously.

"What? You're telling me you kick your friend in the nuts before he goes on dates?"

"Only if he doesn't get nailed during practice! Sometimes we meet up after practice and take turns kicking his nuts. It's sort of a post-workout ritual for the guys... Wanna see?”

Josh pulled out his iPhone and scrolled through his photos, pulled up a video and rotated the screen towards his doubtful father. 

The short fifteen second clip was shot POV by Josh, and the camera was focused on his handsome friend Matt. The boxer briefs the athletic stud was wearing did little to obscure his lofty manhood and the jock was goading Josh and his other friends off camera. 

“Come on, pussy, lets go!” The inebriated jock slurred, spreading his legs wide and inviting punishment. The outline of his half erect cock was plainly visible so Josh knew just where to aim to hit the vulnerable bits. 

With a loud thunk Josh’s foot crashed into Matt’s crotch. The video was edited in slow motion to highlight the ripples of force as Josh’s toes smashed the jocks balls with surgical precision into his pelvis. Matt’s eyes bulged, his face scrunched up as the waves of agony took over, before crumpling into a heap. 


Matt squealed girlishly and thrashed about on the ground, clutching his nuts. 

"Fuck yeah!" Josh yelled, "I win this round."

The disappointed groans of Josh's gym mates indicated this was not the first kick Matt had taken his evening.  This clip ended with Josh zooming in on his friend's anguished face before panning down to his crotch.  A noticeable tent in his friend's shorts suggested that the strike had been more enjoyable then it looked despite the pained expression on his face. 

“It’s something we do on a weekly basis now,” Josh stated, sliding his phone back into his shorts. “So far, he’s childfree, and without any long term damage to his goods.”

Mark was stone faced to his son's gleeful sadism, but inside his mind gears were turning as the hours of finances left him bleak and tired.   He had tried all form of male contraception, but despite spermicide, condoms, and never allowing himself to finish inside a women his income was still diminishing after each sexual encounter.

"So you're telling me, if you use my nuts as a punching bag, I won't impregnate anyone?" Mark frowned.  

It didn't make any sense to him, but he had very little knowledge of biology compared to his STEM major son, so there was a very good possibility that Josh knew what he was talking about. There was also a good chance he was merely messing with him to get some pot shots at his nuts.

Mark was painfully aware of his son’s proclivity for busting nuts. 

From a young age Josh had shown an interest at sack tapping his balls. Mark couldn’t even count the number of times his son had smacked his nuts in his youth, often laughing at his pained reaction and sprinting off in youthful glee. Mark himself had grown up sack tapping his own friends and never discouraged his son from the "game" he obviously found hilarious. Plus, he enjoyed showing off his high pain tolerance and bulge as an alpha male. To imagine putting himself into that position of submission intentionally, was difficult for him to imagine.

"Well... I can't say for sure..." Josh replied slowly, shifting his body to obscure the erection growing in his shorts. The thought of getting a new target, and a target as large as his father’s, was riling him up. "But I'd personally say its worth trying, if you're man enough to put your balls on the line."

Mark snorted, pushed away from the table and stood up.  The sweatpants he was wearing did little to disguise his impressive manhood, with two large lumps plainly visible where his massive nuts were trapped against the fabric.  Making eye contact with his son, in an act of machismo, he lifted his hand dramatically, curled his fingers in a fist, and drove it rapidly into his bulge.


Josh watched, mouth agape, as ripples of force caused his bulging orbs to to jiggle tantalizingly.  The strike compressed his right orb brutally, knuckles denting the thick organ. The force blasted them up into his body, warping the nuggets against his pelvis.  Mark did not utter a single sound despite the brutality and instead smiled at his son's reaction, removing his fist and gripping his crotch arrogantly. 

Mark laughed, jiggling his bulge around and wincing slightly at the sensation.

"I think I can take whatever you can dish out, kid.  Go grab a six pack from the fridge and let’s head back to the garage.”

That evening was one of numerous beers and pot shots against his dad’s bulge. His dad discreetly ignored his son’s obvious erection in his shorts and continued to pound Corona until the ache in his nuts was more of an afterthought. It was an incredible bonding experience for both of them, and the night was full of laughter and sound of Josh’s foot rocketing up between his fathers legs repeatedly.  

The following night, after a sweaty night of passion with a Latina instagram influencer, Mark experienced the effects of the heavy ballbusting, for the first time in ages he received no frantic DM or call about emergency contraception. 

That day forward, Josh became his father's personal fertility manager.

Their relationship became one of increasing sadism and masochism, with his father's nuts smashed and mauled until swelling before every potential sexual encounter.  Mark found it sometimes difficult to sit normally at dinner with his date due to his broken nuts, but it was well worth it to bury his load deep into his partner without concern. His son's well trained fists (and kicks) were an efficient spermicide, decimating his virility temporarily, and Mark soon discovered he enjoyed the feeling of cumming with bruised nuts.  Inside his brain, the wires designating pleasure and pain became intwined, and he found himself encouraging his son towards harder and harder testicle torture play.

At some point, however, the "friendly" sperm killing sessions turned into something darker. 

Torturing his fathers nuts turned from a dating failsafe to a nearly nightly endeavor as both parties became attuned to the sexually charged nature of ballbusting. Soon there was nary a night that Mark didn’t fall into his mattress, sweaty and moaning in agony with freshly juiced lemons swelling in his sack.

For Josh, there was something about punting his father in the nuts that felt intrinsically correct to him. Perhaps it was natural instinct to remove a superior male from the gene pool or perhaps it was simply how his brain was wired. Damaging testicles was better then sex for him and after a few sessions with his dad he forwent any bashfulness and openly began jerking off during their sessions. Mark himself began stripping down before their sessions, allowing his son to kick and punch his naked nuts until they both came explosively. He spent many nights using both hands to bring his cock to the brink of orgasm while his son crushed his nuts against the garage floor. 

Josh came to crave ballbusting, and Mark slowly gave more and more control of his manhood to his son’s budding sadism. His nuts became the playthings of his progeny, and he kept them readily available for whenever his son might need them to destress.

Eventually, the months of consistent nut pain broke the alpha male entirely.

His masculinity was shattered, psyche broken and reformed with only one thought. To provide for his son as a piece of meat to torture, until his balls were irreversibly broken by his son’s hand. It was a complete shift of personality from the affirmed alpha male, whose muscles and cock alone put him into the top percentile of men. 

Mark then chose to remove himself from the dating pool entirely, giving full control of his testicles to his increasingly sadistic progeny. 

He was ordered under threat of castration to forgo masturbation and sex entirely and was only allowed to orgasm through ball pain. The virile muscle stud was reduced to begging for nut pain constantly with the hope that a well aimed knuckle punch could relieve the built up sperm inside his titanic balls. Hundreds of loads were knocked loose from his beleaguered balls, but now their play sessions were entering the final stage.

"Alright, here we go!"


Mark was roused from his nostalgic thoughts by Josh’s muscled leg, racketing up between his legs. 

With a loud, visceral sound, Josh's well trained shin pounded his fathers nuts against his pelvis with surgical precision.  Each blow was harder than the previous one, distorting the organs harshly with each resulting blow.  The huge orbs were flattening brutally, squished to half their normal girth with each strike.


Mark screamed into his gag, spittle flying as he thrashed about.  Even if he wanted to ask for mercy, his son had forbidden the use of a safeword. His legs quivered with each relentless blow. 


Mark was standing in their living room, his hands on top of his head like a hostage in his own house, and attempting to keep his legs spread wide while his son kicked his manhood from behind. Sweat was trickling down his chiseled body and his veins were bulging all over his muscular body from the effort to remain planted in place.  He had received strict instructions to leave his legs open for as long as his sadistic son desired, and from the intensity of the blows it appeared that Josh was determined to end his manhood right now, or at least he no longer was concerned with “explosive” repercussions relating to high levels of blunt force. 



Mark’s screams took on a high pitched keening tone through the gag as huge nuts were pancaked into his pelvis, he was sure his sack was soon to be a lumpy mess of reproductive pulp. His nuts bulging and distorting with each blow harder than the next. 


The thought of his balls imploding under the blows caused Mark’s blood pressure to spike and his thick cock was drooling precum with each testes warping blow.  His massive erection, which never faltered despite the blows, was taped against his abs such that his member would not in the way of the onslaught. The impressive shaft pulsed with each testicle cracking kick on the brink of orgasm despite the danger his testes were in.

THUD, smack, THUD, smack, THUD, smack, THUD

Josh began adding targeted toe strikes each each of his father's orbs in between each shin strike which effectively smashed both equally.

"Fuck yes," Josh grunted, eyes focused on the increasingly swelling sack.

Josh was entirely naked and sweating profusely from the intense cardio of repeated kicks.  With each strike, his own cock, which maintained nearly diamond like hardness throughout the torture session, flopped up against his abs with a dull thud. His trained body glistened in the early morning sunlight and his handsome face was scrunched tight in concentration.  Pearls of precum were flying from his cockhead, as the feeling of his fathers nuts pulping between his toes was nearly bringing him to a handsfree orgasm. The tarp that Josh had laid out beneath them was peppered with precum that was flowing freely from both men.

THUD, smack, THUD, smack, THUD, smack, THUD

Mark's nuts were a mess, swollen and distended from continuous strikes. His bombarded sac was bright red from the abuse and each strike seemed to sink deeper into his precious sex organs.


Deeper, and deeper, and deeper, and deeper. 


Mark’s voice died within this throat as the intensity increased again, physically lifting his body from the floor with each strike. His orbs were distorting horribly from the pressure, forced into impossible concave shapes by Josh’s toes. Waves of agony surged through his body with each testicle ruining strike.


His left nut, which had a slight relief during breakfast, was taking further abuse beyond it's limits and turning bluish from the harsh strikes.  Josh was expertly singling his Dad's individual nuts out, forcing his toes deep into the doomed organs with incredible velocity. Josh was faintly aware that the nut was getting mushier and mushier with each resulting blow.  If he kept up this intensity his dad’s nuts were sure to...


"Dammit! That’s time!" Josh exclaimed in frustration, relaxing his stance and turning his attention to the timer on his phone. 

With a thud his father fell to his knees, tears welling up in his eyes blurring his vision, drool trickling down his face. The agony of the nut pain was beginning to set into his body, causing him to quiver and blubber into his gag pathetically as his body attempted to acclimate to the sensation. 

Josh smiled and walked up to his father, gripping his manhood casually. He was a few strokes from firing a load all over this father's anguished face, but he wanted to savor the moment.

“I was this close to popping them Dad!” He smiled brightly, surveying his fathers spasming body. “Maybe we should have tried for ten minutes instead?”

With his free hand he unhooked the ball gag from behind his fathers head. It slipped from his agape mouth with a wet plop and splattered on the floor. His mouth fell slack jawed despite the removal of the gag, globs of spittle coating his lips.

“My balls... my balls...”

Mark was unable to utter anything else. He repeated the mantra over and over staring vacantly down at his huevos, which were distended in their sack and swollen so brutally they were touching the floor.

The waves of agony coursing through his body were unlike anything he had experienced in his years of genitorture. His cock had wilted against his abdomen and slipped out from its constraint as the copious precum weakened the adhesive. 

His balls were beginning to swell horribly, no longer taking their normal oval shape. They were lumpy, and rapidly turning black from the internal damage. His left nut was especially ruined, distorted into an orange sized mass of flesh. Mark was scared to even touch it, might it burst apart in his sack.   

The sight of his dad’s nearly destroyed testes was too much for Josh to handle. Overcome with lust, he dropped his pulsing cock and stepped forward such that his dripping erection was pointed directly at his father’s open mouth. Mark’s eyes flicked upward at his son, pleadingly, but knowing what was to come. 

“Suck it, or I ruin you right now,” Josh commanded, his voice cold as ice. He hovered his foot over his fathers manhood, threatening to stomp the life out of his damaged balls.  Mark knew a fell aimed stomp with his nuts against the hard flooring would mean game over for his nuts.

Mark’s face frowned in humiliation. As a lifelong affirmed heterosexual man, he only felt disgust at Josh’s manhood, but regardless he gently extended his tongue to lick his cockhead. He grimaced at the salty taste of the cum and gently swirled his tongue around the glans. It was a taste he could never get used to. 

“Mmm fuck Dad, you’re hungry for a load aren’t yah,” he said cruelly, grasping his fathers hair roughly as he prepared to ram his shaft deep into his dad’s throat.

"Mmmmmph," Mark replied in disdain, but opened his throat to allow his son deeper access.

With a rough thrust, all eight inches of his member slid down his fathers throat. With a rough slurping sound, his cockhead struck the back of his fathers throat, causing him to gurgle with discomfort. His low hanging nuts smacked against the older males chin gently. Mark had no gag reflex, making him a perfect cocksucker. 

Shuck, shuck, Schlick, slick,

A cacophony of wet noises filled the room as Josh gradually began to increase the speed of his thrusts. He locked eyes with his father, reveling in the pained expression in his eyes and enjoying how the muscular stud kept his mouth wide for his pleasure. 

Josh glanced down at his fathers package. His swollen nuts were distended onto the floor, enticingly plump. His dad’s massive cock was entirely flaccid from the sensation of cock sliding down his throat, and it jiggled languidly with every rough thrust down his throat. 

“You enjoying yourself their pops?” Josh grinned widely, enjoying the sensation of his father's mouth.

Josh chuckled at the sight and arched his sole over his fathers left nut. He began to tap his toes methodically into the bruised flesh of his fathers especially damaged left nut and with each gentle probe of the organ Marks cock began to twitch with pleasure. It began to spring to life once again, rising out of the way and allowing Josh full access to crush his doomed nut.

Tap, slicktap, slicktap, slicktap, slicktap, slicktap

With each light palpitation, Josh forced his cock deep into his father’s throat. Josh’s toes gently pressed into the bruised nut flesh that was lying distended in the ground like a bruised mango. A light sheen of precum made the surface of each organ slick to the touch. Josh marveled at how easy the testicle dimpled under the light pressure of his toes, it’s swollen mass distorting easily compared to its usual toughness. It felt mushy under his foot, and as Josh gradually increased the pressure he could feel the beleaguered organ oozing between his toes. 


Mark squealed as his already damaged nut was subjected to further abuse. Without a doubt there was already permanent results from the previous strikes and if they were to play any further he’d be shooting blanks permanently. With each cruel probe of his jelly-like huevo, Mark could distinctly taste a salty spurt of baby batter leaking down his throat as his son was obviously enjoying the sensation of his dying nut oozing under his toes.

He gurgled in displeasure.  The combination of cum eating and testicle crushing was causing him severe nausea, such that it took all he had to avoid vomiting.

“Damn Dad! You like that, huh?” Josh crooned, seductively,  bemused by the impressive erection that was now smacking against his kneecaps with each aggressive thrust. 

Marks cock was harder that it ever had been. It was so swollen with blood it hurt, now almost ten inches in length now and pulsing violently as his lefty was crushed. Thick spurts of precum fired from his cockhead continuously as the sensation of his nut imploding under his sons command was akin to continuous orgasm.  Without a doubt it was one of the most impressive manhoods in the world, but for the owner it only served as a piece of meat for torture.  This top percentile cock, on a top percentile stud of a man, was potentially experiencing it's final erection.

Thuck, Thuck, Thuck, Thuck

Josh sunk his toes deeper into the doomed testes, his toes coming off the organ sticky with cum as the unending stream of precum continued to ooze onto his fathers ballbag. Each cruel palpitation smashed a different portion of the oversized huevo, and Josh could now feel the organ breaking down. His left testicle resembled a lumpy orange now, while his right ball was the size of a large lemon and bruised black and blue.

Thuck, Thuck, Thuck, Thuck

“Fuck dad, should I take it right now? It feels so mushy! Like I could pop it right now...” 

Mark's cock twitched and he nearly came from the threat alone, his eyes were fixated on his sons face and no longer pleading for mercy. It was his place, his responsibility on this earth to provide his equipment for Josh’s pleasure. The agony in his loins and increasing lightheadedness was undercut by this desire. Right now, he wanted nothing more than for his nut to burst under his sons foot and he shifted his body to allow a better angle for it's destruction. 

Thuck, Thuck, Thuck, Thuck

Josh began stomping onto the squishy nut, smashing the organ against the floor brutally.  He was careful to never allow the organ to plump back into shape after each strike, forcing his toes deeper and deeper into its depths.  Josh could feel a truly massive orgasm growing in his nuts as the pancaked ball began to break down under his weight. 

"Pwwweees!" Mark squealed, his voice obscured by the thick cock pounding down his throat. His eye's pleading.

Suddenly, Josh forced his cock all the way down his throat and shifted his weight, attempting to balance his body on the squishy organ. With trained core and leg muscles, he was able to successfully stand on the ball effectively splitting it in two as the bulbous organ attempted in vain to compensate for the 190 pound weight now attempting to snuff it out. Mark's eyes went wide as his nut was torn under the pressure.


Josh felt something give slightly under his toes and came explosively from the sensation. He leaned all his weight into the fracturing organ and began pounding his fathers face with his cock. 

“Fuuuuuuuuuuck!” Josh screaming as he orgasmed harder than ever before, uncontrollably smashing his cock down his fathers throat. Load after load of thick cum fired down into the muscle stud’s belly as he experienced the greatest orgasm of his young life. Josh then pulled his cock from his fathers throat to splatter his father’s handsome face with the remainder of the massive load. Thick splats of babybatter peppered his fathers face, which was agape in shock as his brain attempted to process the sensation emanating from his loins.

Mark's entire body was frozen in place, muscles straining.  Before his brain could react to the feeling to a broken testes, his cock responded to the nutting, firing a load unlike anything Josh had seen before.

Splat, Splat, Splat, Splat

Josh stepped back off of his dad's ballbag in surprise as warm wads of semen arched up to his chest, coating his impressive pectorals with thick babybatter.  As he removed his foot, he briefly observed a noticeable dimple in the massively swollen organ and it no longer plumped into an oval shape at the release of pressure. The sudden influx of blood to the damaged organ caused Mark to orgasm even harder. Drops of cum were flying across the room and his cock was twitching so aggressively it looked like it was about to snap off his body.  Thick rivers of semen shot up all over the muscular studs body, sticking to his thick body hair.  

Finally, the nearly endless flow of cum seceded and Mark's eyes rolled into his head, his body overwhelmed by agony as the waves of pleasure subsided. With a loud thud his heavy muscled body came to rest before his son, coated his his own juices.

“Oh shit! Dad!” Josh yelled in genuine concern, the waves of orgasmic bliss subsiding.

Josh dropped to his knees, panting and spent. Gently, he rolled his fathers heavy frame onto his back to get a better view of the damage.  The limp muscle stud fell lightly onto his back over the semen covered floor and his legs parted naturally allowing Josh full view of his work.

The sight between his fathers sculpted quads caused Josh’s wilting cock to stir despite itself. Where his Dad’s proud manhood was affixed to his body was a black and purple mass of swelling flesh that could hardly be recognized as male genitalia. Mark's lofty shaft, which typically hung five inches flaccid, was obscured nearly entirely by his fathers bloated ballbag, which jiggled languidly at light prodding from Josh's curios fingers. 

Josh plunged his hand into the mass of damaged flesh, noting his fathers lack of response, blissfully unaware to the probing. Expecting a pulped testes, Josh was pleasantly surprised to find a mostly whole testicle within the mass of swelling. He couldn’t help but apply a little pressure to the distorted egg, marveling at the ease of compression and spongy like texture. 

Incredibly, the seemingly ruptured nut was attempting to regain it's shape.  It plumped awkwardly into a lumpy oval shape as Josh released his grip, indicating the nut was mostly still whole despite all odds.

Josh glanced down at his cock, which was erect once again from the sensation of the broken nut, and smiled. He grabbed his iPhone, positioned his swollen member into the frame cockily, and snapped several photos of his Dad’s ever swelling sack, knowing that his father would want to see the results later. 

Josh’s mind was racing, already planning their next session and how to take his father out of the gene pool. He grinned widely, and surveyed his father’s slumbering frame. 

It was going to be a very long week for both of them. 

Monday, July 1, 2019

Late Night Training Session

Jackson sat at his desk, mindlessly stroking his cock while perusing kink sites and searching for a video that could satiate his voracious desires.

The sun had long since set and his cock was engorged painfully from hours of edging; his nuts ached, but not nearly as much as the victims in the video clips he had been watching all evening.

Fresh sperm churned within his gargantuan testes and the volume increased with every gentle caress of his massive shaft and each testicle crushing strike he observed on his favorite fetish sites.  His bluetooth headphones were continuously filled with grunts of pain and screams from the subs in the heavy BDSM videos and his cock twitched with each sound of impact and resulting pained wail. 

The black stud had a musculature that most men only dreamed of.

His rippling abs had developed through years of athletic training and daily cardio. Although nearing his late 30s, he still maintained a training regime of a professional athlete, and it showed in his impeccable pectoral muscles and ridiculously pronounced auxiliary muscle groups.  His perfectly sculpted obliques and v-cut lower abs served to draw the eyes naturally towards his massive bulge in his shorts which was plainly visible despite his use of compression shorts and loose fitting clothing.

His cock was a lofty 8 inches of veiny meat, uncircumcised, and constantly leaking torrents of precum while erect to the point that Jackson no longer required lubricant during his solo sessions.  His testicles were equally massive in size, easily identified in tight fitting clothing due to their kiwi sized imprint.  When loosed from their compression short confines, his orbs flopped low, hanging almost 5 inches from his shaft.  His fat, pendulous nuts were the envy of all his previous romantic partners and were incredibly virile, storing thick loads of semen that were released nearly nightly.

Jackson was an athlete with an intense focus on his training above all aspects of his life.  His desire to excel and become be the strongest male specimen possible was transformed into a masochistic proclivity due to a horrific sports accident in his college years.

The stud had been an avid MMA fighter in his teens.

During his first year of college, a misplaced kick from his training partner struck his crotch with such force his left testicle had split apart.  The large, meaty organ was trapped between his opponents big toe and his pelvic bone, causing the testicle to explosively burst within his sack. The loud, wet crunching sound that echoed in Jackson's head before falling unconscious was often reminisced on during his frequent masturbatory sessions.

The feeling of a testicular rupture was almost impossible for Jackson to explain but it was something he craved with a fervent hunger.

It was the ultimate high, an unreachable level of pain that his mind somehow equated with pleasure, sparking a lifelong journey into cock and ball torture play.  The same althetic mindset he applied towards his weight lifting and sport hobbies, he began to apply towards his own manhood, specifically increasing the durability and density of his testicles through genitorture techniques.

After his dense testicle exploded in the ring, medical services were ushered in to attempt to recover whatever was left of his proud testicles.  When they removed his shorts, his cock was found fully erect and continued to twitch with each cautionary probe of the his testicles by the EMT. It remained at full mast during the entire ambulance ride, despite the bloating within his scrotum that indicated testicular rupture, something far and removed from pleasure.

Miraculously, his sex life was saved with an extensive surgery.

His testicle was sewn up and a sperm count indicated full functionality.  The only noticeable difference was a squishier texture, allowing his orbs to be crushed nearly flat with a moderate amount of effort, and that his orbs were greatly more resilient to damage through built up scar tissue.

Jackson had begun testing their membrane integrity almost nightly after recovery from his sport accident.

The former athlete took training his testicles as seriously as his previous althetic career,  spending hours researching and developing a training regime to increase their durability and pain threshold to the highest levels.  He desired testicles that were unbreakable, but conversely desired total sterility from the most violent acts possible.  This stark dichotomy led Jackson to train his testicles daily in  the hopes that some day they would experience something that exceeded their limits from training.

His small, one bedroom apartment was nearly always filled with the vapors of sweat and semen.

Like clockwork at 7 PM, after a substantial dinner, Jackson would close the blinds and strip off all of his clothes.  The first hours of the evening were devoted entirely to edging.

He would stroke his massive black cock until his shaft was so engorged with blood it began to hurt.  His impressive veins would pulse down the length of his cock due to excessive stimulation.  The apartment would be silent, except for the slicking sound as Jackson worked his shaft with both hands to the point of orgasm. Again, again, and again, with each subsequent nearing orgasm increasing his arousal to painful levels.

The continuous schlong stimulation was an integral part of Jackson's training regime for two reasons.  The constant pleasure of masturbation increased free testosterone in his body, thusly increasing sperm production.  His goal was to have the most incredibly tough and virile testicles possible so high sperm counts were a must for his goals. The lengthy jacking sessions also pushed Jackson's arousal to extremely high limits.  The higher the arousal level, the easier it was to perform the more painful parts of his training regime.

THUD, smack

"Fuuuck yeah", Jackson whispered at a particularly brutal kick to a pair of very low hanging nuts by a red headed dominatrix from behind.

A slow motion retake showed the subs nuts distorting and rippling from the sudden force of the blow before smacking against his abdomen with incredible force.  Due to the extensive stretching, the subs nuts traveled in a perfect arch before compressing against his abdominal wall.  The agonized wail and involuntary thrashing that followed was so exquisitely erotic that Jackson was forced to remove his hands from his cock to prevent spilling his load early.

He imagined the visceral crunching sound his nuts would make if he was the target of such an assault.

Perhaps they would swell at first, slowly increasing in volume from blood flow, before bursting with a particularly well targeted toe kick.  They would swell and distend, larger and larger until their tough membranes could barely contain their bulging contents.


Barely giving the sub any time to recover, the domme continued her methodical strikes to the rapidly swellings babymakers onscreen, each kick perfectly aimed into the center of each testes with almost surgical precision.  Jackson watched each blow with sadomasochistic delight.


Jackson glanced down at his dense orbs, which were bouncing lightly against the seat of his chair with each stroke of his cock.  He envisioned the plucky read head using her toned legs to rack his lowhangers with enough velocity to force them to fly into his steal like abs.  Over and over and over.  The image of his orange sized, bruised black balls compressing against his shredded abdomen caused Jackson to shiver in excitement.


"Mmmmmmmph," the stud moaned in a sultry baritone at the thought, gripping his cock tightly to prevent any cum from spilling.


The sub was wailing onscreen, but the restraints prevented him from falling to the floor or prevent his mistress from the next volley of cruel kicks. After what seemed like an eternity, the domme laughed cruelly at the openly weeping, broken male, and the video concluded.  The camera panned from her smiling face, to her supple breasts, down to the man's rapidly bruising balls which were taking on a blueish color from the brutal assault.

Jackson could only imagine what would have happened if she had continued to pound his spuds.  Again and again her trained feet would sink into the fragile reproductive organs.  Her toes would dent the orbs with reckless abandon with no time to recover and eventually their membranes would split.


Jackson moaned softly with his eyes closed as he imagined the explosive loss of a testicle.

Perhaps the subs right ball would burst into chucks first, fracturing against the toes of the dominatrix explosively.  Chunks of unspent semen and testicle components would spill out into his now rapidly inflating sack and with each subsequent strike more and more lumps of testicle juice would be forced into the scrotum from the failing organ.  The man would scream and gibber incoherently, thrashing against the restraints with all his might.


The kicks would keep on coming as the sub lay limp in his restraints, his ballsack inflating to a horrific degree from massive fluid influx and turning black from the bursting blood vessels. His scrotum would turn into a grisly soccer-ball of testicle pulp, allowing for even more efficient strikes from the relentless domme.  On and on she would distort the lumpy sack with her toes, each strike sinking deeper and deeper into the man's doomed manhood.


The still barely whole left testicle would burst dramatically, and the subs ample cock would spew a tiny load of semen followed by a steady flow of blood.  The subs final load would dribble down his lumpy scrotum to the floor, and his dick would wilt down to a broken nub, never to rise again.  Blood would continue to trickle down from his cock head, down his ever inflating scrotal sack, and begin pooling on the ground beneath him.

"Mmmmmmm," Jackson crooned, as his cock was twitching wildly, smacking against his abs like a tortured animal.

Jackson had long since stopped stroking his thick cock but it was twitching with each imagined blow, and he knew if he were to grasp it he'd blow his load instantly.  He was at the brink of orgasm from his fantasy alone.  Unconsciously, his muscles were tensing all over his body.

He yearned for the day his balls would rupture in his sack, fracturing and oozing into mush, and leaving him a broken male. 

It would take an incredible amount of force to actually damage Jackson's balls, a conundrum that he had spent many nights pondering the solution for. 

His testes were nearly superhuman from years of abuse and it would take an extreme amount of pressure and force to get into the virile core of each nut.  Jackson fantasied nightly about his nuts splitting open and spilling into his sack, and the imagery helped motivate him towards even more extreme play in the hopes that one day his dream would manifest violently.

He sighed contently and clicked out of the window to the next video in queue.

Thunk, STOMP, Thunk

A fixed camera was focused on an impressive set of cock and balls being crushed and mauled brutally by a domme's heels.

Jackson watched as a pair of latino testicles were repeatedly crushed by a stiletto heel.  Each cruel dig of the heel forced the sharp point deeper into the chosen latin babymaker, and the sounds elicited by the poor man signified some nearly permanent results were occurring from the treatment.

Slick, STOMP Slick, STOMP Slick, STOMP

Jackson began to work his shaft at rhythm to the cruel stabbing of a mans most precious organs. He mind raced as each fleshy blow landed.  Ball trampling videos were some of his favorites as they had the most potential for permanent results.


"Pop that fucker," Jackson mouthed, panting heavily.  He was salivating heavily at the tantalizing sight of the damaged huevos.  With his left hand, he began casually flicking his testes with alternating targets in sync with the savage stomps on screen.

Jackson imagined the heel reaching entirely through the mans testicle, splitting the fleshy organ apart. 

The thick, well used orb would rupture into chunks as the sub began to scream soprano, and the domme's heels would continue to work any remaining chunks out of existence. He could only imagine the splotching sounds the dying nut would make as it was pounded into a fine putty.  Once again, he backed off the rhythm, to compensate for the eroticism of the explosive imagery.

"Ruin that fucking nut!"

He yelled at the monitor like he was viewing a sporting event.  Jackson was smiling widely and hypnotized by the brutal testicle mashing occurring onscreen.  He could almost feel his nuts dimpling painfully along with the subs and each flick to his bulging nuts helped increase his immersion.


Jackson ceased masturbating and lightly dimpled the surface of his left nut with a contemplative look on his face.

He had once paid a dominatrix to attempt a testicle rupture with little success.

After stretching his testicles to their maximum length, he had presented them on a wooden stool for crushing with a variety of vicious heels.  Despite her best efforts, the heel refused to pierce his thick scrotal skin and rupture anything within. She spent almost an hour, much to Jackson's pleasure, attempting to catch one of his massive orbs with the heel of her stilettos and destroy the tough membrane surrounding it.

His eyes rolled into head as he lost himself in the memory.

Much like the cruel scene he was currently viewing, his nuts had taken a beating.  Each well aimed blow compressed his orbs to a fraction of their normal stature, smashing them brutally against the unyielding wooden surface. They were mashed around during the treatment, inflating from the strikes to a massive degree, but even the dominatrix's entire weight could not breach their defenses.  He could still remember each blow that pancaked his balls nearly flat and how erotic it was to watch his nuts inflate to full size at a slower rate with each strike.

The night ended uneventfully, with a pair of bruised and bloody testicles and an aching feeling of disappointment that out stripped the ache of his nuts.


Jackson was brought out of his memory with a particularly hard stomp that caused the sub to squeal like a pig.

With that final, viscous stomp, the scene ended with latino testicles sadly intact. With a splat Jackson dropped his cock, which smacked back against his rippling abs.  He encircled his scrotum with his thumb and index finger and pulled his testicles tight away from his body.

Staring down at his kiwi sized nuts he envisioned them pierced entirely, a hole forced all the way through the dense meat causing a breakdown in their membrane integrity. He could only imagine the levels of pain he would experience as his nuts began to lose their oval shape, a sharp heel tearing at the mortal wound inflicted on his balls, causing the rupture to increase in size until no surgery could possibly save them.

"Oh fuck yes," he whispered under his breath, as chunks blew inside his sack in his mind. He imagined personally squeezing the remaining pieces of still whole testes to ensure they could not be recovered in surgery.  Each meaty nugget would compress under his fingers before dissolving as tubles spilled into his sack.

Jackson found himself in a cold sweat at the thought, and let his nuts fall from his grasp with a soft splat to the seat of his desk chair. 

He leaned back and took a deep breath to calm himself.  He had been planning a brutal training session for his nuts tonight and was nearly turned on enough to attempt it. 

It had been several months since his last rupture attempt, and Jackson was unsure how much longer he could wait before performing dangerous ball torture play that he fantasied about nearly every night.  In one part of his mind, he recognized the dangers and ramifications of trying to ruin his proud testes, but with each stroke of his cock that voice was quieted until only the desire to ruin his manhood remained.  These last few nights his arousal had been at an all time high, so it was only a matter of time before he put his nuts to the test.

Jackson regained focus on the task at hand, and with the vision of his nut bursting still fresh in his mind he clicked the next link to a gay S&M site where some of the brutalist ballbusting on the internet was procured. This was a gritty "real" S&M scene where there no safe words or mercy. Jackson was an equal opportunity ballbuster, male or female the important part was the resulting testicle pain.  He skipped a few minutes into the short clip, right to the climax of the action.


On Jackson's monitor, he watched as a master continuously stomped his subs testicles with a steel toed shoe.  The fragile orbs were flattened to pancakes with each subsequent blow.


The sub was writhing in pain as each blow landed, twisting his body in vain to avoid the blows landing with sadistic precision.  An intricate lattice of ropes prevented any virility saving movement, and each stomp left the subs testes a deeper shade of reddish purple.

Slick, CRUNCH,  Slick, CRUNCH,  Slick, CRUNCH,  Slick, CRUNCH

Jackson increased his speed of masturbation to match the fervent, ball destroying display on the screen.  The slave was almost continuously screaming now, drooling through a ball gag and droning on as his sperm count was rapidly diminished from blunt force alone.  Sweat was pouring down the man's back, and his ballbag was rapidly inflating to an unnatural degree.  Each time the dom removed his foot from the mans nuts, they were a deeper shade of bluish-purple.  Jackson could feel and incredible load building in his loins and his eyes were fixated on the ever compressing testes on screen.


In the description of the video was an account of a ruptured ball ending the play session early, but sadly this was not shown in the short video clip.



Jackson leaned back and imagined the German's testicles caught under a reinforced boot, bursting into chunks.

"Ohhhhhh," he exclaimed, as the bursting gave him sexual gratification close to orgasmic bliss.

The pressure would be too much for the ball to handle, dimpling first, then splitting down the middle releasing it's contents into the scrotum.  The swelling would be incredible as the soupy contents of his sack would immediately draw fluid, inflating to a ridiculous size. His scrotum would take on a gruesome black and blue color and lumpy consistency and the Dom would continue to crush the testicular remains into a fine pulp.

CRUNCH, Squick, CRUNCH, Squiick, CRUNCK, Squiiick, CRUNCH, Sckkkk.

The broken contents would elicit quiet noises as each tubule broke explosively under the steel toed boot. Eventually, the Dom would kick the sack with enough force to split it open, allowing the warm ruined innards to seep onto the dungeon floor. The broken testicles would steam delectably on the stone floor, a mass of flesh and connective tissues. Perhaps the Dom would reach down and pull the pulpy remains out for the camera to see, aggressively ripping the cords from the subs body and...

Splat, Splat, Splat, Splat


Jackson shouted in anger as his engorged cock head spewed forth a wad of cum, striking his abdomen from his neck to his bellybutton and covering his body with viscous babybatter.  He had removed his hand from his beleaguered cock a second too late and some cum had escaped from his churning balls.

The torrent of cum ended and his cock twitched and slapped against his chest, pleading to release the rest of it's contents. His impressive musculature glistened with babybatter against the hue of the computer screen which steadily trickled down his chest and pooled in his sculpted abdominal muscles.  While only a fraction of the volume of his potential load, the muscle stud's body was absolutely covered in cum.

Jackson wiped cum from his hands in disgust, cursing his manhood for it's untimely release.

He vowed to increase the damage to unforeseen levels as a consequence for the untimely partial load that had escaped his still bloated testes, and he had prepared a punishment suitable for the failure tonight.

The image of his balls bursting into chunks flitted through his mind again, and despite his anger Jackson was shivering with excitement.  Perhaps it was time to make the fantasy a reality.

He stood slowly from his sweat filled desk chair, cursing under his breath, and allowed his cramping legs to loosen up before heading to the small living room.

The area was stripped of all traditional furnishings and contained shelves full of various sex toys and torture devices that he had picked up over the years.  Whips or varying sizes, paddles, crushers, and mallets of increasing weight were hung neatly from the walls. The carpeting was covered entirely with a waterproof sheet to deter any stains from setting in.  The austere living space helped Jackson to find focus in his work. The lack of a sofa or any traditional furnishing for relaxation helped to keep his mind singularly on testicular training.

Jackson carefully stepped over a set of weights he'd been using the previous evening to batter his orbs, over and over with increasing weight until he'd nearly passed out from the pain.  He walked over to a small shelving unit where he kept a large supply of sterile needles for skewering his testicles.

Needles were becoming a favorite of his to try and work past the defenses his nuts had garnered from years of training.

When blunt force seemed to barely dimple his balls, and his crusher could no longer give him the flatness he craved, needles were a guarantee for testicle damage. At least one night a week, Jackson punctured the meat of each testicle with a large gauge needle and twisted the metal instrument as his cock oozed pink tinted semen.  With each twist of the needle, the innards of his nuts were torn, waves of agony nauseated him, and a drops of bloody cum were forced from his cock head.

After a night of invasive probing his nuts would be left bleeding and dark purple from internal bleeding, while coated in a thick layer of freshly probed sperm.  The build up of scar tissue helped to increase the overall durability of his testicles, while the torn spermatic tubes were forced to heal at greater rates to produce sperm for the virile jock's nighty edging sessions.

This night he vowed to go even further, reaching past a box of high gauge needles for a set of nails he had sterilized earlier.  The stud had attempted large gauge needles previously, but the thick iron nail outstripped their size by many fold.   They were sure to puncture his nuts wide open, and if he worked hard enough, perhaps his castration dreams would come true this very evening.

Jackson shivered in excitement, panting visibly as he kneeled in front a wooden block and dropped his hefty testes onto the cool wooden surface.  They landed with a hefty slap and lay there, defenseless and bulging with an unspent load.  The thought that the may never release their contents again caused a surge of pleasure to radiate from his loins.

He planned to nail each nut to the board with all his might, with the hopes of splitting his nuts such that they could not be repaired.  The testicle training would push his tough testes to their limits as their membrane stability would be compromised.  All the nights of skewering his nuts could barely prepare them for the treatment they were about to undergo.

Jackson reminisced back to the pair of latino testes he'd seen prior, nearly pierced by stiletto heels with each probing stomp forcing the point deeper into the latin huevo.  Jackson envisioned the heel smashing down with all of the domme's might, splitting the man's proud nut in two, and prepared himself for a similar experience with the nail he was gingerly lining up with his swollen left nut.  He allowed the point of the nail to slightly dimple the skin in the dead center of his massive left egg, not enough to draw blood, but enough to cause a slight rush of pain.

Jackson grabbed the hammer he had left out earlier and took a deep breath before swinging the mallet down.



With a wet, squishing sound the nail slid into Jackson's testicle, penetrating the dense outer membrane of his well-trained sex organ.

His nervous hands had only succeeded in pounding the metal halfway through the dense nugget, and waves of agony unlike anything he had experienced before began radiating up his body.  Cold sweat poured out of every pore on Jackson's muscled body as he continued to stare at the doomed organ, hypnotized by the erotic scene of his own precious nut splitting in front of him.  The nausea was almost instantaneous, and he was forced to tighten his steel like abs to prevent himself from vomiting.  Blood was pounding in Jackson's head, preventing him from considering any other option then finishing the job.  He lifted the hammer again, clenched the grip with all his might and slammed it down.



The blow had landed with such force that the nail was forced completely through his testes and imbedded itself deep into the wood below.  The head of the nail itself was forced into the center of his reproductive organ, causing it to distort horribly and take on an amorphous shape.  At the same time, the head of the hammer crushed his already compromised testicle to half it's normal girth, pancaking it out against the hard wooden surface.  His nut was now brutally attached to the wooden block and when he removed the hammer the damaged organ attempted to inflate to it's usual size but distorted awkwardly due to the steadily growing hole in it's center.

The orb was swollen horribly, turning black and rapidly losing it's normal oval shape.  A steady flow of sperm and reproductive tubles began to flow freely into Jackson's now lopsided sack.  Blood began pouring out of the hole in his scrotum, trickling down the sides of his massive nut and onto the wooden block that his testicle was now affixed to.

Splat, Splat, Splat, Splat, Splat, Splat

The sight of his broken nut was too much. Jackson's thick black cock twitched at the force of the testicle shattering blow and released it's long contained load.  Rope after rope of cum flew from his cockhead, arcing across the room as his cock spasmed wildly.  It spurted thick babybatter it a seemingly unending stream and incredible force. The stream struck Jackson's handsome face, plastered his chest copiously, and splashed even higher to coat his bulging deltoids.  His cock blasted like a sprinkler handsfree, seemingly unending, as Jackson experienced the greatest orgasm of his life.

Jackson was unable to process to intense feeling radiating from his loins, his brain shut down as the blow landed and all he could experience was orgasmic bliss.  His nut was ruined.  His big, beautiful, ball was splitting apart in front of him and his body shut down from the damage. He could only stare as the swelling continued.

And suddenly, he felt it.

The pain of a ruptured testicle, the pain of the sperm dying in his sack, the pain of a doomed reproductive organ.  His body reached the high he had been searching for ever since that fateful day at the boxing gym, and surpassed it as the damage was far more severe.

Jackson's lips curled into a smile as he allowed the waves of pain of course over him.  He had finally succeeded in breaking one of his nuts, after years of hard use.  Perhaps the damage would be too great for it to be saved this time, the thought of which caused his cock to spurt out a small droplet of pinkish cum as it wilted, spent after releasing the largest load of it's life.

Before he could reach down to assess the damage, and line up a second nail to his unharmed right ball, Jackson's vision faltered and his body went numb from the pain. His body fell limp despite his attempts to hold himself upright, succumbing to extreme level of agony that only testicular rupture could bring. 

He could only watch in terror as his dead weight pulled his testicle to it's limits within his sack, the head of the nail still firmly planted at the center his bloated ball.  In slow motion, he watched his scrotum stretch and distend horribly against his body weight before the well trained organ burst under the pressure.


The last thing Jackson remembered, as he slumped unconscious was the sight of his testicle ripping free from the fixture as his body dropped to the floor, bursting his membrane apart and splitting his sack open.  The well stretched nut arched the air majestically from the force of his falling body, spraying the floor and ceiling with drops of blood.  The ruined organ flopped onto his abdomen and oozed his contents on his abdomen, mixing with the thick layer of cum on his front. It was ruined, completely and as gruesomely as he had fantasied. Then everything faded to black.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Glory Hole Encounter

Juan licked his lips and casually rubbed the bulge in his jeans, squinting his right eye through the glory hole. It was a Saturday night, nearing midnight, and he had the taste of several men's cum on his lips.

It had been an eventful evening and he was hoping to swallow a few more loads before ending his nightly debauchery.

Creeeeak, SLAM

Juan's cock twitched in his pants as he heard the bathroom door open once again.  Peaking his head under the stall, Juan spotted a young college jock, obviously unexperienced in cruising but turned on by the prospect due to the ample bulge in his shorts.  The young man entered the restroom cautiously, before walking quickly to the stall next to Juan and slamming the door shut.

"Hey there stud," Juan crooned through the glory hole as the young jock fumbled with his belt.

With no further prompting, the boys young cock slid through the gloryhole into Juan's waiting mouth.

It was nice five inch cock, neatly trimmed, with a pair of solid medium-sized nuts that were tight against his shaft in arousal.  Juan took note of the drop of precum pearling at the tip of his manhood and prepared to suck the college boys cock dry.  The cock wafted a thick musky smell as the young man had obviously just finished an athletic training regime and came here to burn off excess testosterone.

The jock only lasted 5 minutes with the expert cocksucking Juan performed.

The latino masterfully guided his tongue up and down the shaft of the horny college jock, twirling his tongue in all the right places and highlighting erogenous zones.  He alternated from deep throating the boys cock down to the base of his shaft, to focusing on the sensitive cockhead, which was steadily depositing precum into the latino's waiting mouth.

Juan masterfully tickled the underside of the glans with his tongue with each stroke, driving the kid insane with pleasure.  With a steady rhythm, the member was milked hands free, with only tongue stimulation until the restroom was filled with groans of pleasure and Juan's mouth was filled with salty man-butter.

The thick cock wilted in Juan's mouth briefly, before the jock pulled it from the glory hole and put on his shorts.  The college boy left the bathroom with a hurried pace, barely taking time to tighten his belt.  He was obviously concerned about being caught, but Juan knew that the only people that used this particular restroom were those looking for sexual release.  The location was widely spoken about on Gay Cruising forums, largely due to Juan's exquisite oral skills.


Minutes after swallowing his third hot load of the evening, the bathroom door swung open again. Glancing under the stall again, Juan recognized the torso of a latino businessman who was a repeat customer, sinking at least one load into Juan's belly a week.  The businessman threw open the stall door and immediately began removing articles of clothing.  There was no nervous fumbling with his belt, unlike his previous customer this was a veteran to the cruising scene.

With no hesitation, Juan was face to face with a massive latino cock, which was eagerly twitching in anticipation.

The hole in the stall was barely large enough to fit the impressive member.  It was a thick latin rod, easily 9 inches, and veins were pulsing down it's length, supporting a massive erection with diamond like hardness.  The man cupped his two fat, meaty lowhangers and carefully squeezed them through the opening with his erect cock. They slapped against the metal stall and hung heavy in their sack.  Juan lustfully reached his hands up to caress the impressive babymakers.

This particular man was one of Juan's clients with "alternative" taste.  A handful of the men that came to this rest stop in particular due to his proclivity towards kink play and sadism.  He became known among the local kink community as a "ballbuster" who would leave you with bruised and empty balls if you so desired.  About a third of the traffic Juan experienced was from masochistic, sexually frustrated men that came to this glory hole in hopes of getting their nuts smashed.  Some were just true masochists, like this businessman, who got off on the idea of having their manhood ruined anonymously.

"My, I forgot how big these were, Papi!" purred Juan, gently pulling on the man's orbs feeling their weight and impressive density.

Juan gently pressed his thumbs into each nut, noting the resulting twitch in the man's massive member as they dimpled under this strong hands.  He carefully massaged the tissues of each orb with his fingers from the base of the testes to the connective tissue at the top, feeling for weaknesses.  The latin huevos were incredibly dense and churning with semen.  Juan was prepared to squeeze every drop out of the swollen and overfilled balls.

"You can do whatever you want with them, man," the man said, panting heavily in anticipation and pressing his body against to the stall to give Juan full access to his entire length.

"Be careful what you wish for!" Juan replied sadistically, "I've been wanting to test my strength on one of your nuts..."

The businessman shivered in arousal to the threat.  He knew all too well how strong Juan's hands were and the damage that could occur is he applied all his strength towards extinguishing his sex life.  Despite the fact, his 9 inch monstercock engorged further at the thought of losing his precious sexual organs. His desire to experience intense testicular pain had led him towards dangerous levels of play and the explosive loss of one of his testes was one of his greatest fantasies.


Juan let the dense babymakers fall against the stall.  They struck the metal loudly and bounced gently in their sack.

"Let's get started then".

Juan started with only the head of the latin cock, slowly twirling his tongue under the man's foreskin and eagerly sucking down the pearls of precum that were now steadily streaming from his cockhead.  He grasped the man's sack with his left hand and pulled the man's nuts to the very bottom of the sack, before guiding his mouth over the massive length, attempting to swallow it whole.  With a wet, shlicking sound, Juan's throat took the entire length of the latin rod, forcing open his airway as the man's cock struck the back of this throat.

He let the man's cockhead rest deep within his throat before rotating his head to stimulate the studs massive shaft with the entirely of his oral cavity.  The muscles in his throat caressed the sensitive organ, eliciting moans of pleasure that spread throughout the restroom. At the same time, he undid his belt to release his own cock to the nights air.  The front of Juan's jeans were completely soaked in precum which he used as a natural lubricant.  He anticipated this load to be an explosive end to his debaucherous evening.

"Mmmmph. Play with my nuts dude," murmured the latino bull, without concern to who might be in the general vicinity.

With a methodical pace, Juan's mouth engulfed the massive cock down to the base, his cock was dripping from the feeling of the member sliding deep down this throat.  He began to squeeze the businessman's nuts.  The groans of pleasure were quickly amplified as Juan's fingers sank into the vulnerable latin flesh, and his cock seemed to rage even harder, spasming down the cocksucker's throat.

"Fuck yeah dude, squeeze 'em harder!" the businessman almost shouted in a lustful haze, now forcing his body tightly against the stall and clenching the top of the stall.

Juan masterfully crushed the man's fragile orbs, making sure to apply pressure on every part of the sensitive organs.  With each increasingly brutal probe of the man's babymakers, further moans of pleasure were elicited, now echoing loudly throughout the restroom.  Juan cruelly pressed his fingers into the fragile, reproductive tissue with little care to his victims reproductive potential.  The mans sack was turning red from the cruel treatment and his particularly targeted left testicle was beginning to swell from the crushing.


Juan released his vice like grip and let the man's testicles fall against the stall, much to the relief of his play partner.   Slowly they plumped up full size, bright red and inflamed.  Juan allowed the man's cock to slide from his throat until his lips were resting at the very tip of his cock.  He smiled and gave the cock an appreciative kiss.

"Your nuts are looking nice and tenderized, Papi.  Perhaps they need a little harder treatment?"

"Y-yess please..."

The latino bull with panting heavily in excitement.  His nuts were starting to ache from the rough probing, but this only sought to get his dick even harder.  He could only imagine what they were about to go through, but he hoped they wouldn't be let off easy...

The cocksucker smiled, slid his tongue around the glans of the man's cock, and closed his hand into a fist.


The thick latin testes were smashed against the metal stall with no chance at escape from Juan's fist.  His knuckles sank deep into the flesh of the trapped testicles, compressing them to a fraction of their usual girth.


The latino bull screamed at the top of his lungs as his nuts were essentially pulverized by Juan's strong fist.  Waves of agony rushed from his loins, overwhelming the typically stoic masochist.  He could feel his bull nuts compressing against the unyielding metal surface, pancaking out until they were nearly flat.  If they got any flatter, then they might even...


Before the businessman could even react, his nuts were pounded were a relentless volley of blows.  Juan methodically smashed each fat nut with both fists, dropping his own erect cock to focus on smashing the latino testes to a pulp.  With each strike, the man's testicles were distorted and compressed from the blunt force, completely absorbing the entirety of each strike.  The testicles were massively swollen at this point and taking on a purplish hue.  Each subsequent blow pushed his orbs to their absolute limit, and darkened the bruised tint the testicles were taking.


With each punch, Juan twisted his tongue around the latin shaft, methodically milking it's erogenous zones.  A fresh squirt of precum filled his mouth with a salty flavor as the crushing blows forced drops of cum from their reproductive receptacles.  The latin nuts were literally being juiced, and threatened to turn to jelly under the vicious onslaught they were receiving.


The latin businessman was openly weeping from the excruciating pain emanating deep within his balls.  With each strike he yelped and gibbered, spittle falling from his mouth.  Despite the extreme pain, his cock remained rock hard in Juan's mouth, steadily depositing fresh precum down the cocksuckers throat.  If Juan didn't stop soon, the precum was going to start tasting bloody.

THUD squick

Juan used all of his strength to smash the man's balls.  Ripples of shockwaves coursed through each nut into the metal stall as they were forced against the surface with dangerous velocity and force.  The latin balls were compressed to a third of their normal width, and Juan's slightly protruding knuckle on his index finger was driven even further into the malleable flesh.  It's point of contact with the man's swollen thick left testicle dimpled the membrane dramatically, before surging forward to the deepest point of the man's organ.


The businessman lifted his head high, screaming in unimaginable agony as he felt part of the fragile membranes in his left nut give way, allowing Juan's fist access to the deepest part of his precious sex organ.  Sweat broke out from every pore in the man's body and his legs were trembling as he attempted to process the feeling of his ball fracturing.

Slowly, Juan allowed the latino's shaft to slide from his throat, which deposited large globules of spittle and semen onto the tile floor.  His shaft was steaming in the night air and violently twitching despite the wails of agony that were filling Juan's ears.  The man's cock was still hard as ever and inflamed as the masochist received the most exquisite nut pain of his life.

He removed his fist from the crushed organs and watched as they slowly began to plump up.  His nuts were now much less firm than before, purple and black with bruising.  The swelling was incredible. His right nut had inflated to double it's normal size, but it's bulging size was nothing in comparison to it's more damaged companion.  His left nut was swollen to the size of a tennis ball and ballooning out grotesquely; it no longer looked like a testicle.  It wasn't oval shaped anymore, with a small bulging mass near the top of it's length that was quickly turning black. It was obvious that further play would be potentially permanent, as the testicle's integrity was comprised...

"Want me to finish you off, Papi?" Juan lustfully asked, watching the twitching organ that was now begging for release.

"P-please... I don't... I can't..."

The latin stud was whimpering and barely conscious.  He was barely able to hold his body against the bathroom stall, but was still determined to give unbridled access to his manhood.  His knuckles were white against the top of the stall, as he attempted to keep his cock within targeting distance of Juan.  Despite his situation, he ached for release even if that meant even greater agony.

"What's that, Papi? Had enough?"

"I... M-my nut man... It's totally fucked isn't it..."

"Oh absolutely! It's oozing in your sack dude.  But I think we both know it can take a little more..."

Juan saw the man's cock twitch aggressively at the thought of losing his nut.  If they stopped now, perhaps the injured organ could still be saved.  But if the session continued...

"I don't... I need to cum dude... So p-please... Destroy me" The businessman managed to spit out, taking a deep breath in anticipation and tensing every muscle in his body.

Juan beamed in sadistic glee.  He grasped his thick cock with his right hand and gripped the man's dying left nut with his left.  Juan took a deep breath and allowed the latin cock to slide back down his throat.  He was hoping to milk an incredible load out of the man while damaging his chosen bloated, doomed testicle.

He started with some light squeezing to test the malleable organ.  It was much softer that before, and his fingers slid deep into the huevo with little effort.  The sack was tinted dark purple with bruising.  It's texture was mushier, but still firm, which Juan was hoping to change explosively.  Juan began to drive his thumb deeper rather than relax his grip.


The latino stud's scream echoed through the restroom loudly as his left testicle was crushed to less than half of it's usual girth, and the distance between Juan's thumb and index finger was continuing to decrease.  The organ was bloating horribly at this point, turning black under Juan's strong fingers as blood vessels were burst within.  Incredibly, Juan felt the cock in his throat twitch with even more violent thrashing.  An incredible load was attempting to loose itself, before the demise of it's fleshy receptacle.  Juan increased the speed of his masturbation to compensate for the quickening end to the sex organ.

The orb bulged under his crushing grip, and the dimple in the center of the ball continued to increase in size.  Juan could almost hear the sperm screaming within the trapped organ as he increased the pressure.  His left ball was incredibly dense and had historically taken a greater beating than it's brother.  If he hadn't already damaged it's structural integrity, it would have been impossible to crush it this much with hands alone.

His testicle was now a third of it's normal stature and you could no longer see Juan's nail as nearly half of thumb was now deeply immersed in the reproductive flesh.  Membranes were breaking at incredible speed as the distance between his thumb and index finger rapidly diminished.  The small tear at the top of this testes was slowly increasing in size, allowing more of the vulnerable components to escape into the scrotum.  His ball assumed a donut-like shape as the organ prepared to split wide open.

The latino was thrashing about, but Juan maintained a firm hold on the man's cock with his throat, while increasing the pressure further into the doomed ball.  The businessman was no longer forming full sentences, gibbering nonsense while overwhelmed with the intense pain emanating from his doomed left testes.  Inhuman sounds were echoing through the deserted bathroom and a puddle of sweat was forming under the stall between men.  The latino was slurring his words and begging Juan to continue.  The feeling of his testicle slowly spitting under Juan's crushing grip was sublime and indescribable. His brain could barely comprehend the intense feeling of the permanent, brutal reshaping of his proud testicle.

Juan could feel the shaft that was deep in his throat pulsing in response to the testicular pulping.  His mind raced as he stared down at the damaged organ that was about to burst into chunks.  He felt a truly massive load building in his balls and squeezed the dying nut with all his might.


Suddenly, Juan felt his thumb and index finger touch as the center of the man's ball was permanently crushed.  The organ fractured under the pressure, spewing forth it's reproductive tubles into the latino bull's sack at incredible speed.  It hadn't so much as ruptured, as exploded.  The once proud orb was in an instant turned to reproductive jelly, disintegrating into a thick pulp in less than a second.

Splat, Splat, Splat, Splat

At the same time, Juan plastered the tile floor of the restroom with numerous thick loads of semen.  The feeling of ball splitting into putty made him orgasm harder than ever before in his life!  Drops of semen spurted forth in incredible volume painting the dirty restroom floor like a Jackson Pollack painting and the resulting wave of orgasmic bliss was seemingly without end.

Juan continued to press the resulting chunks into pulp within the latin sack.  He felt the first drops of semen begin to flow and opened his throat to receive them.

Wave after wave of thick sperm flowed down Juan's throat causing him to choke in surprise.  The man's shaft was throbbing violently in his mouth as it jettisoned the largest load the man would ever release again.  The volume was so extreme, it was as if the contents of his left nut were pouring out in entirety, as a desperate attempt to pass up their reproductive material before turning to mush.  After a few seconds, the copious globules of semen began taking on a saltier and more iron like taste as blood began trickling from his urethra.

With a loud Slicking sound Juan pulled the cock from the confines of his throat.  It smacked against the stall violently and continued to spew bloody chunks of ruined testicle juice.  After ten long seconds, the stream stopped and the massive cock began to wilt, dribbling bloody cum over the bulging scrotal mass that could barely be distinguished as a ball sack.

The latino's scrotum was now black and dark purple, swelling dangerously and pulling the skin tight as his scrotum continued to inflate with an influx of fluid.  The left side of his sack was bulging and lumpy, with the consistency of water logged cheerios.  The soupy nut remains were amorphous and easily deformed with gentle probing, which Juan tested with his fingers with sadistic curiosity.  It was a mass of reproductive pulp of a once proud sex organ, broken beyond repair.

Schlick.  THUD

The massive cock wilted just enough for it to slide through the glory hole, pulling the broken ballsack free with the man's body weight. The businessman fell to his knees before slumping to his side.  His body was came to rest in a puddle of sweat, semen, and blood, completely unconscious and numb to the world.

Juan stood up, stretching his legs which were now numb from the hours of cock sucking.  He looked down at the broken stud, who was gracefully unconscious, and imagined how incredible the pain will be when he wakes up.   His own spent cock stirred at the thought, before he tucked it into his jeans and made his way out of the stall.  He stepped gently over the man's feet, took one last glance at the engorged, pulpy sack and walked towards the door.  The bulging mass of his former testicle continued to swell gruesomely, but a faint smile graced the latino's handsome face.

Wails of pain were later heard echoing in night and emergency lights were seen flashing in the distance.  It wouldn't the last time agonized screams would fill the air of the dirty rest stop, as Juan was already planning his next cruel endeavor.