Sunday, February 24, 2019

Glory Hole Encounter

Juan licked his lips and casually rubbed the bulge in his jeans, squinting his right eye through the glory hole. It was a Saturday night, nearing midnight, and he had the taste of several men's cum on his lips.

It had been an eventful evening and he was hoping to swallow a few more loads before ending his nightly debauchery.

Creeeeak, SLAM

Juan's cock twitched in his pants as he heard the bathroom door open once again.  Peaking his head under the stall, Juan spotted a young college jock, obviously unexperienced in cruising but turned on by the prospect due to the ample bulge in his shorts.  The young man entered the restroom cautiously, before walking quickly to the stall next to Juan and slamming the door shut.

"Hey there stud," Juan crooned through the glory hole as the young jock fumbled with his belt.

With no further prompting, the boys young cock slid through the gloryhole into Juan's waiting mouth.

It was nice five inch cock, neatly trimmed, with a pair of solid medium-sized nuts that were tight against his shaft in arousal.  Juan took note of the drop of precum pearling at the tip of his manhood and prepared to suck the college boys cock dry.  The cock wafted a thick musky smell as the young man had obviously just finished an athletic training regime and came here to burn off excess testosterone.

The jock only lasted 5 minutes with the expert cocksucking Juan performed.

The latino masterfully guided his tongue up and down the shaft of the horny college jock, twirling his tongue in all the right places and highlighting erogenous zones.  He alternated from deep throating the boys cock down to the base of his shaft, to focusing on the sensitive cockhead, which was steadily depositing precum into the latino's waiting mouth.

Juan masterfully tickled the underside of the glans with his tongue with each stroke, driving the kid insane with pleasure.  With a steady rhythm, the member was milked hands free, with only tongue stimulation until the restroom was filled with groans of pleasure and Juan's mouth was filled with salty man-butter.

The thick cock wilted in Juan's mouth briefly, before the jock pulled it from the glory hole and put on his shorts.  The college boy left the bathroom with a hurried pace, barely taking time to tighten his belt.  He was obviously concerned about being caught, but Juan knew that the only people that used this particular restroom were those looking for sexual release.  The location was widely spoken about on Gay Cruising forums, largely due to Juan's exquisite oral skills.


Minutes after swallowing his third hot load of the evening, the bathroom door swung open again. Glancing under the stall again, Juan recognized the torso of a latino businessman who was a repeat customer, sinking at least one load into Juan's belly a week.  The businessman threw open the stall door and immediately began removing articles of clothing.  There was no nervous fumbling with his belt, unlike his previous customer this was a veteran to the cruising scene.

With no hesitation, Juan was face to face with a massive latino cock, which was eagerly twitching in anticipation.

The hole in the stall was barely large enough to fit the impressive member.  It was a thick latin rod, easily 9 inches, and veins were pulsing down it's length, supporting a massive erection with diamond like hardness.  The man cupped his two fat, meaty lowhangers and carefully squeezed them through the opening with his erect cock. They slapped against the metal stall and hung heavy in their sack.  Juan lustfully reached his hands up to caress the impressive babymakers.

This particular man was one of Juan's clients with "alternative" taste.  A handful of the men that came to this rest stop in particular due to his proclivity towards kink play and sadism.  He became known among the local kink community as a "ballbuster" who would leave you with bruised and empty balls if you so desired.  About a third of the traffic Juan experienced was from masochistic, sexually frustrated men that came to this glory hole in hopes of getting their nuts smashed.  Some were just true masochists, like this businessman, who got off on the idea of having their manhood ruined anonymously.

"My, I forgot how big these were, Papi!" purred Juan, gently pulling on the man's orbs feeling their weight and impressive density.

Juan gently pressed his thumbs into each nut, noting the resulting twitch in the man's massive member as they dimpled under this strong hands.  He carefully massaged the tissues of each orb with his fingers from the base of the testes to the connective tissue at the top, feeling for weaknesses.  The latin huevos were incredibly dense and churning with semen.  Juan was prepared to squeeze every drop out of the swollen and overfilled balls.

"You can do whatever you want with them, man," the man said, panting heavily in anticipation and pressing his body against to the stall to give Juan full access to his entire length.

"Be careful what you wish for!" Juan replied sadistically, "I've been wanting to test my strength on one of your nuts..."

The businessman shivered in arousal to the threat.  He knew all too well how strong Juan's hands were and the damage that could occur is he applied all his strength towards extinguishing his sex life.  Despite the fact, his 9 inch monstercock engorged further at the thought of losing his precious sexual organs. His desire to experience intense testicular pain had led him towards dangerous levels of play and the explosive loss of one of his testes was one of his greatest fantasies.


Juan let the dense babymakers fall against the stall.  They struck the metal loudly and bounced gently in their sack.

"Let's get started then".

Juan started with only the head of the latin cock, slowly twirling his tongue under the man's foreskin and eagerly sucking down the pearls of precum that were now steadily streaming from his cockhead.  He grasped the man's sack with his left hand and pulled the man's nuts to the very bottom of the sack, before guiding his mouth over the massive length, attempting to swallow it whole.  With a wet, shlicking sound, Juan's throat took the entire length of the latin rod, forcing open his airway as the man's cock struck the back of this throat.

He let the man's cockhead rest deep within his throat before rotating his head to stimulate the studs massive shaft with the entirely of his oral cavity.  The muscles in his throat caressed the sensitive organ, eliciting moans of pleasure that spread throughout the restroom. At the same time, he undid his belt to release his own cock to the nights air.  The front of Juan's jeans were completely soaked in precum which he used as a natural lubricant.  He anticipated this load to be an explosive end to his debaucherous evening.

"Mmmmph. Play with my nuts dude," murmured the latino bull, without concern to who might be in the general vicinity.

With a methodical pace, Juan's mouth engulfed the massive cock down to the base, his cock was dripping from the feeling of the member sliding deep down this throat.  He began to squeeze the businessman's nuts.  The groans of pleasure were quickly amplified as Juan's fingers sank into the vulnerable latin flesh, and his cock seemed to rage even harder, spasming down the cocksucker's throat.

"Fuck yeah dude, squeeze 'em harder!" the businessman almost shouted in a lustful haze, now forcing his body tightly against the stall and clenching the top of the stall.

Juan masterfully crushed the man's fragile orbs, making sure to apply pressure on every part of the sensitive organs.  With each increasingly brutal probe of the man's babymakers, further moans of pleasure were elicited, now echoing loudly throughout the restroom.  Juan cruelly pressed his fingers into the fragile, reproductive tissue with little care to his victims reproductive potential.  The mans sack was turning red from the cruel treatment and his particularly targeted left testicle was beginning to swell from the crushing.


Juan released his vice like grip and let the man's testicles fall against the stall, much to the relief of his play partner.   Slowly they plumped up full size, bright red and inflamed.  Juan allowed the man's cock to slide from his throat until his lips were resting at the very tip of his cock.  He smiled and gave the cock an appreciative kiss.

"Your nuts are looking nice and tenderized, Papi.  Perhaps they need a little harder treatment?"

"Y-yess please..."

The latino bull with panting heavily in excitement.  His nuts were starting to ache from the rough probing, but this only sought to get his dick even harder.  He could only imagine what they were about to go through, but he hoped they wouldn't be let off easy...

The cocksucker smiled, slid his tongue around the glans of the man's cock, and closed his hand into a fist.


The thick latin testes were smashed against the metal stall with no chance at escape from Juan's fist.  His knuckles sank deep into the flesh of the trapped testicles, compressing them to a fraction of their usual girth.


The latino bull screamed at the top of his lungs as his nuts were essentially pulverized by Juan's strong fist.  Waves of agony rushed from his loins, overwhelming the typically stoic masochist.  He could feel his bull nuts compressing against the unyielding metal surface, pancaking out until they were nearly flat.  If they got any flatter, then they might even...


Before the businessman could even react, his nuts were pounded were a relentless volley of blows.  Juan methodically smashed each fat nut with both fists, dropping his own erect cock to focus on smashing the latino testes to a pulp.  With each strike, the man's testicles were distorted and compressed from the blunt force, completely absorbing the entirety of each strike.  The testicles were massively swollen at this point and taking on a purplish hue.  Each subsequent blow pushed his orbs to their absolute limit, and darkened the bruised tint the testicles were taking.


With each punch, Juan twisted his tongue around the latin shaft, methodically milking it's erogenous zones.  A fresh squirt of precum filled his mouth with a salty flavor as the crushing blows forced drops of cum from their reproductive receptacles.  The latin nuts were literally being juiced, and threatened to turn to jelly under the vicious onslaught they were receiving.


The latin businessman was openly weeping from the excruciating pain emanating deep within his balls.  With each strike he yelped and gibbered, spittle falling from his mouth.  Despite the extreme pain, his cock remained rock hard in Juan's mouth, steadily depositing fresh precum down the cocksuckers throat.  If Juan didn't stop soon, the precum was going to start tasting bloody.

THUD squick

Juan used all of his strength to smash the man's balls.  Ripples of shockwaves coursed through each nut into the metal stall as they were forced against the surface with dangerous velocity and force.  The latin balls were compressed to a third of their normal width, and Juan's slightly protruding knuckle on his index finger was driven even further into the malleable flesh.  It's point of contact with the man's swollen thick left testicle dimpled the membrane dramatically, before surging forward to the deepest point of the man's organ.


The businessman lifted his head high, screaming in unimaginable agony as he felt part of the fragile membranes in his left nut give way, allowing Juan's fist access to the deepest part of his precious sex organ.  Sweat broke out from every pore in the man's body and his legs were trembling as he attempted to process the feeling of his ball fracturing.

Slowly, Juan allowed the latino's shaft to slide from his throat, which deposited large globules of spittle and semen onto the tile floor.  His shaft was steaming in the night air and violently twitching despite the wails of agony that were filling Juan's ears.  The man's cock was still hard as ever and inflamed as the masochist received the most exquisite nut pain of his life.

He removed his fist from the crushed organs and watched as they slowly began to plump up.  His nuts were now much less firm than before, purple and black with bruising.  The swelling was incredible. His right nut had inflated to double it's normal size, but it's bulging size was nothing in comparison to it's more damaged companion.  His left nut was swollen to the size of a tennis ball and ballooning out grotesquely; it no longer looked like a testicle.  It wasn't oval shaped anymore, with a small bulging mass near the top of it's length that was quickly turning black. It was obvious that further play would be potentially permanent, as the testicle's integrity was comprised...

"Want me to finish you off, Papi?" Juan lustfully asked, watching the twitching organ that was now begging for release.

"P-please... I don't... I can't..."

The latin stud was whimpering and barely conscious.  He was barely able to hold his body against the bathroom stall, but was still determined to give unbridled access to his manhood.  His knuckles were white against the top of the stall, as he attempted to keep his cock within targeting distance of Juan.  Despite his situation, he ached for release even if that meant even greater agony.

"What's that, Papi? Had enough?"

"I... M-my nut man... It's totally fucked isn't it..."

"Oh absolutely! It's oozing in your sack dude.  But I think we both know it can take a little more..."

Juan saw the man's cock twitch aggressively at the thought of losing his nut.  If they stopped now, perhaps the injured organ could still be saved.  But if the session continued...

"I don't... I need to cum dude... So p-please... Destroy me" The businessman managed to spit out, taking a deep breath in anticipation and tensing every muscle in his body.

Juan beamed in sadistic glee.  He grasped his thick cock with his right hand and gripped the man's dying left nut with his left.  Juan took a deep breath and allowed the latin cock to slide back down his throat.  He was hoping to milk an incredible load out of the man while damaging his chosen bloated, doomed testicle.

He started with some light squeezing to test the malleable organ.  It was much softer that before, and his fingers slid deep into the huevo with little effort.  The sack was tinted dark purple with bruising.  It's texture was mushier, but still firm, which Juan was hoping to change explosively.  Juan began to drive his thumb deeper rather than relax his grip.


The latino stud's scream echoed through the restroom loudly as his left testicle was crushed to less than half of it's usual girth, and the distance between Juan's thumb and index finger was continuing to decrease.  The organ was bloating horribly at this point, turning black under Juan's strong fingers as blood vessels were burst within.  Incredibly, Juan felt the cock in his throat twitch with even more violent thrashing.  An incredible load was attempting to loose itself, before the demise of it's fleshy receptacle.  Juan increased the speed of his masturbation to compensate for the quickening end to the sex organ.

The orb bulged under his crushing grip, and the dimple in the center of the ball continued to increase in size.  Juan could almost hear the sperm screaming within the trapped organ as he increased the pressure.  His left ball was incredibly dense and had historically taken a greater beating than it's brother.  If he hadn't already damaged it's structural integrity, it would have been impossible to crush it this much with hands alone.

His testicle was now a third of it's normal stature and you could no longer see Juan's nail as nearly half of thumb was now deeply immersed in the reproductive flesh.  Membranes were breaking at incredible speed as the distance between his thumb and index finger rapidly diminished.  The small tear at the top of this testes was slowly increasing in size, allowing more of the vulnerable components to escape into the scrotum.  His ball assumed a donut-like shape as the organ prepared to split wide open.

The latino was thrashing about, but Juan maintained a firm hold on the man's cock with his throat, while increasing the pressure further into the doomed ball.  The businessman was no longer forming full sentences, gibbering nonsense while overwhelmed with the intense pain emanating from his doomed left testes.  Inhuman sounds were echoing through the deserted bathroom and a puddle of sweat was forming under the stall between men.  The latino was slurring his words and begging Juan to continue.  The feeling of his testicle slowly spitting under Juan's crushing grip was sublime and indescribable. His brain could barely comprehend the intense feeling of the permanent, brutal reshaping of his proud testicle.

Juan could feel the shaft that was deep in his throat pulsing in response to the testicular pulping.  His mind raced as he stared down at the damaged organ that was about to burst into chunks.  He felt a truly massive load building in his balls and squeezed the dying nut with all his might.


Suddenly, Juan felt his thumb and index finger touch as the center of the man's ball was permanently crushed.  The organ fractured under the pressure, spewing forth it's reproductive tubles into the latino bull's sack at incredible speed.  It hadn't so much as ruptured, as exploded.  The once proud orb was in an instant turned to reproductive jelly, disintegrating into a thick pulp in less than a second.

Splat, Splat, Splat, Splat

At the same time, Juan plastered the tile floor of the restroom with numerous thick loads of semen.  The feeling of ball splitting into putty made him orgasm harder than ever before in his life!  Drops of semen spurted forth in incredible volume painting the dirty restroom floor like a Jackson Pollack painting and the resulting wave of orgasmic bliss was seemingly without end.

Juan continued to press the resulting chunks into pulp within the latin sack.  He felt the first drops of semen begin to flow and opened his throat to receive them.

Wave after wave of thick sperm flowed down Juan's throat causing him to choke in surprise.  The man's shaft was throbbing violently in his mouth as it jettisoned the largest load the man would ever release again.  The volume was so extreme, it was as if the contents of his left nut were pouring out in entirety, as a desperate attempt to pass up their reproductive material before turning to mush.  After a few seconds, the copious globules of semen began taking on a saltier and more iron like taste as blood began trickling from his urethra.

With a loud Slicking sound Juan pulled the cock from the confines of his throat.  It smacked against the stall violently and continued to spew bloody chunks of ruined testicle juice.  After ten long seconds, the stream stopped and the massive cock began to wilt, dribbling bloody cum over the bulging scrotal mass that could barely be distinguished as a ball sack.

The latino's scrotum was now black and dark purple, swelling dangerously and pulling the skin tight as his scrotum continued to inflate with an influx of fluid.  The left side of his sack was bulging and lumpy, with the consistency of water logged cheerios.  The soupy nut remains were amorphous and easily deformed with gentle probing, which Juan tested with his fingers with sadistic curiosity.  It was a mass of reproductive pulp of a once proud sex organ, broken beyond repair.

Schlick.  THUD

The massive cock wilted just enough for it to slide through the glory hole, pulling the broken ballsack free with the man's body weight. The businessman fell to his knees before slumping to his side.  His body was came to rest in a puddle of sweat, semen, and blood, completely unconscious and numb to the world.

Juan stood up, stretching his legs which were now numb from the hours of cock sucking.  He looked down at the broken stud, who was gracefully unconscious, and imagined how incredible the pain will be when he wakes up.   His own spent cock stirred at the thought, before he tucked it into his jeans and made his way out of the stall.  He stepped gently over the man's feet, took one last glance at the engorged, pulpy sack and walked towards the door.  The bulging mass of his former testicle continued to swell gruesomely, but a faint smile graced the latino's handsome face.

Wails of pain were later heard echoing in night and emergency lights were seen flashing in the distance.  It wouldn't the last time agonized screams would fill the air of the dirty rest stop, as Juan was already planning his next cruel endeavor.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

A Quiet Evening

"Are you ready?", Alex asked quietly, his large figure barely visible in the darkened room.

He was panting slightly with anticipation; his incredible musculature was trembling with excitement and arousal. The bodybuilder locked eyes with his boyfriend, as both of them knew that once the session started his sadism would prevent him from stopping.  He was a giant man with a stature of 6'4" and over 300 pounds of pure muscle. Above his chiseled body was an equally chiseled face with a striking jawline and piercing blue eyes that were currently observing his partner with a deep hunger.

His boyfriend, Travis, smiled brightly, knowing that look was a prelude to some incredible coming pain.  The latin jock was beyond handsome, with an incredible smile and body that was toned from years of cardiovascular training.  While his muscle mass was no where near his boyfriends', he maintained an impressive physique that put him within the top percentile of athletes.

This would be the last chance to back out of their session.  Travis was secured tightly to a wooden chair the the basement of their shared condo.  His muscular arms were bound tightly behind his back and his legs were spread open invitingly by strong knots around his ankles and knees, preventing any chance of movement.  The lattice of intricately woven ropes had been expertly constructed by his boyfriend over the course of an hour and was expected to prevent any chance of struggling as the night progressed.

"Absolutely" Travis confirmed, panting slightly in a lust filled haze.

His nuts were already aching from an evening of fun with his sadistic boyfriend and the dull pain emanating from his orbs was only a taste of what was to come.  They sat heavy against the wooden seat like two massive oranges, red and bruised from continuous impact training with his partner. 

Travis sported two enormous testicles to pair with an impressive member; they hung low between his legs invitingly and were incredibly dense and resilient.  His sack was impressively groomed, with nary a hair marring his perfect golden tinted scrotal skin and filled to the brim with his truly massive babymakers. The only perceived imperfection of his impressive equipment was a slight asymmetrical bulge due to the size of his left testicle, which was larger than his right and typically absorbed more blows during their ballbusting sessions, thus increasing the size disparity of his nuts.

"Lefty looks like it's ready to pop already!" commented Alex, who was casually stroking his flaccid cock, eyes locked on the doomed organ below him.  He had spent many nights crushing that testicle with reckless abandon and intimately knew every bump and nerve ending from years of play. His cock slowly engorged with the thought of deforming the testicle further past the point of no return.

A spurt of semen from Travis's cock was the only response to his sadist boyfriends statement. The idea of losing one or both of his impressive testes was an incredible turn on for the masochist.  His cock was twitching in anticipation and a steady stream of precum was starting to flow down his abdomen, coating his abs in thick baby batter.  His 8 inch cock was so massively erect in arousal, it looked almost painful. Veins were pulsing rapidly down his latin meat, and his nuts were attempting to retract towards his body in vain due to the arousal of potential castration.

His larger left nut was already swollen hideously from a well placed uppercut and Zach traced his toes over its lumpy and distorted length. The room was entirely silent, except for the sounds of nut flesh distorting from pressure. Alex was listening carefully with hopes of catching every crunch and rupture of the internal mechanisms of his balls.

"I can't wait to feel this rupture." Alex crooned, raising his foot high above the doomed manhood.

Without another word, the heel crashed down into his vulnerable manhood.

THUD squick

The sound of internal damage was similar to the sound of a grape burst between fingers, a wet sound signifying a breakdown of membrane integrity.  With an almost silent crunch, Silas's testicles were crushed to an inch of their normal size, flattening like pancakes against the unyielding surface.  Testicles were designed to naturally avoid damage through shifting in the scrotum but with their current predicament there was no escape possible.  They oozed beneath Alex's heel, as more and more of his weight shifted deeper into the vulnerable reproductive organs in a matter of seconds.

"Oooooooh!" Travis screamed uncontrollably.  The pain was beyond anything he had previously experienced in his years of extreme ball torture. It was a deeper ache. Something that caused his body to freeze in agony, but also caused even more blood to rush to his over-engorged member.  All the muscles in his body were tight from the effort to control the pain emanating from his groin and sweat began pouring over his perfectly sculpted body.

After a few painful seconds, Alex removed his foot to inspect the damage.  They plumped up to their normal size with a painful rush of blood that made Travis gag.  Alex ran his fingers over the organs feeling for any weaknesses, much to Travis's discomfort.  His left testicle had obviously received the brunt of the blow and was beginning to swell up horribly.  With morbid curiosity, Alex placed his thumbs against the organ and gently pressed towards center of mass.


His fingers slid deeper than expected into the usually resilient testicle, a mild popping sound was heard. A hairline fracture had formed, tracing the length of the massive sex organ and his crushing grip was beginning to force a larger rupture with potential for permanent results.

"I think I popped it", Alex whispered, half to himself in self realization.  He twisted his thumb into the organ and felt his cock begin to engorge hands free.

Criick, Crunch, Squick, Criiiick

The damaged organ was now producing a cacophony of sounds from tubules breaking within the confines of the testicular membrane. With each brutal stab of his thumb, Travis's chance of reproduction diminished further. 


To say it was agonizing would be an understatement as the young jock thrashed about and attempted hold back anguished screams. Incredibly, the Travis's cock never wilted, even during the cruel probing of his nut flesh.  With each destructive squeeze his cock let loose a dribble of precum, which was taking on a pinkish hue.  Travis could feel himself slipping from consciousness as the waves of pain emanating from his testicle washed over him.  He was producing a nearly silent keening sound; his mouth open in a "o" shape as he felt every cruel probe of his testicle with a new stab of pain.

The examination of his testicle lasted less than a minute, but to Travis it felt like a lifetime.  Alex finally let the organ fall from his iron grip; it fell to the wooden seat with a Splat, and continued to swell with fluid, dwarfing his comparatively undamaged right testicle.

"Do you want me to finish it off?" Alex whispered into his boyfriends ear.

Although barely conscious, his cock began rapidly producing bloody semen at a super human rate.  Cum was pooling on the seat of the chair and dribbles of cum were falling from his massive cock onto his rapidly bruising eggs, wordlessly speaking the answer to Alex's question, as Travis no longer had the capacity for human speech. 

Without another word, Alex stepped away from his twitching boyfriend a reached for a pane of plexiglass that was conveniently placed at arms reach.  Their makeshift "dungeon" was packed with every possible cock and ball torture related paraphernalia. 

"I was going to use some of these toys first..." He commented, gesturing at a table full of mallets, various gauge needles, and an e-stim device, "But I suppose we'll always have your right nut to play with, once half your sack is mush".

With one efficient movement he grasped the now greatly inflamed testicle, stretched it with a viscous yank, and tied it off at the very edge of the seat.  The cords were stretched to their absolute limit causing a deep ache in Travis's abdomen. He then positioned the pane of plexiglass over the doomed nut and gently pressed the glass until the orb was distorted slightly against the glass.

Alex raised one foot onto the surface of the glass and tentatively pressed his toes on the surface to test the rigidity of the testicle. Much to his delight, the plexiglass pressed deep into the membrane and perfectly encased the length of it. There was no escape from the impending pressure soon to be breaking through Travis's tough testicular membrane.  With one hand he gripped Travis's muscular shoulder and his other began jacking his dick.  He pointed his cock towards his boyfriends secured body to ensure that he would paint his boyfriends bulging musculature with a ridiculous load at the point of total rupture.

With a slight shift of weight, Alex began to press down onto the trapped testicle, maintaining eye contact with his lucid boyfriend.

Splick, Sqriick, Squick

Travis's no longer entirely whole testicle was eliciting a gruesome collection of sounds, not unlike a piece of celery slowly crushed.


"Oh fuck babe...." Alex whispered, increasing the speed of his masturbation and pressing ever more deeply into tough, damaged membrane of his boyfriends once proud testicle.  The outline of the testicle was white from the pressure, but no longer oval shaped and lumpy. It wouldn't be long until only pulp remained.

Crunch, squick, Crunch

The pane of plexiglass was forced deeper into the failing testicles defenses, the tubules were breaking with incredible speed and minuscule chunks of internal testicle components were being forced out of their confines as the pressure increased.

Splick, SQUICK

Travis passed out and Alex almost lost his footing as half of his boyfriends massive testicle rapidly deflated. Succumbing  to the incredible pressure, the small testicular fracture was forced open in multiple sections of his nut, releasing the gummy components within at a rapid rate.  His egg was now cracked open and spilling out into his golden scrotum, leaving a large massive of diminishing flesh.

"FUUUUUCK!" Screamed Alex as he felt the small burst under his foot like a ripe cherry tomato.  He was jerking off with such ferocity, it looked like his dick was going to be ripped from his body and every vein in his body pulsed with the effort of finishing the deed.

Alex took a deep breath, gazed lovingly at his slumbering boyfriend, and pressed his foot down as hard as possible against the unyielding surface.


Travis's tortured left testicle exploded dramatically within his sack eliciting a loud sound complete testicular destruction.  The firm testicle chunks were further crushed as the membrane split completely under the incredible weight of his bodybuilding boyfriend until the testicle was an amorphous mass of flesh and broken reproductive tissues.

At the same time, Alex experienced the greatest orgasm of his young life as the testicle burst underfoot. Rope after rope of cum fired from his shaft with incredible volume and speed, striking his boyfriends sweat drenched body like a machine gun.  The first ropes struck his handsome, agonized face right between his catatonic eyes, further loads of semen struck his bulging pectoral muscles and abs, coating his body with thick jock sperm unlike the sperm currently dying within Travis's sack.  With each twitch of his cock, Alex involuntarily crushed the remaining chunks of a previously massive testicle into gristle until he slipped and the plexiglass fell from the chair allowing the pulp of a testicle to inflate pathetically and bloat horrifically.

The thing could no longer be called a reproductive organ.  It was an bulging mass of bruised and broken flesh, purple and black and lumpy.  Blood and fluids were rushing to the broken chunk of manhood and Travis's intact scrotum was stretching due to the massive inflammation.

Still panting, Alex fell to his knees and grasped the remains of the testicle, kneading it and searching  the bulbous mass for still whole pieces to further pulverize.  Although unconscious, this caused a reaction from his boyfriends still erect and dripping member.  Travis's cock was purple from engorged blood and spewing blood and semen at equal volume across his abdominal region, mixing with his boyfriends semen like a grisly Jackson Pollack Painting.  When Alex found the last piece of whole testicle, Travis's cock pulsed with anticipation and smacked against his abs hard as a rock.


With a slight application of pressure, Travis's testicle was no more, bursting with surprisingly little pressure into a putty like paste. The shockwave of the final rupture traveled through Travis's body to his brain, resulting in the release of a mind-blowing orgasm like never before seen during the duration of their relationship.  His shaft swelled to an impossible proportion, before releasing a torrent of pink semen voluminous enough to cover every inch of his boyfriends body. The first thick ropes of semen fired far above his boyfriends head and struck the ceiling first. Following blasts of cum struck his face with such force it caused Alex to flinch, and semen continued to flow covering his chest and the surrounding ground.

Finally, Travis's massive cock began to wilt, still producing liquid that was rapidly changing in color from pink to dark red.  Gelatinous drops of blood mixed with semen began to drip from the edges of the chair to the ground. Travis, while still unconscious, was smiling widely as his fantasy had finally been fulfilled.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Brandon's CBT Corner

Brandon pruned through the comments of his previous video, cock in hand, scouring for ideas for his next cam episode. 

 He was a prime male specimen; with rippling abs from years of athletic training, piercing blue eyes that captivated men and women alike, and a smile that was reminiscent of actors and models.  His skin lacked a single blemish, and his musculature was impressive for someone so young.  He was a perfect candidate for cam work. Brandon, however, maintained his fanbase due to his unique proclivity for fulfilling the desires of his more sadistic fans, namely through performing cock and ball torture acts at request further a substantive donation.  The jock was not particularly endowed, but sported massive testicles that dwarfed his modest 4 inch cock. The diameter of each was almost as large as the entirety of his penis full mast, they filled his sack like overripe kiwis, and each orb was constantly aching through Brandon’s own devices.  Their size and resilience garnered a massive audience of sadists and once per week, he created and uploaded a video showcasing his substantial masochism and desire to perform.  The following week, once the semen and sweat was wiped clean from his film studio Brandon would then read through the numerous comments praising his work and offering ideas for future episodes.

Tie your nuts against a hard surface and pound your nuts as hard as you can. Fists, weapons, ect. -Anon

Separate your balls and drop weights on them until they turn dark purple. - Anon

Staple your foreskin to a board and tenderize your shaft with a paddle until it bleeds!!! -Anon

The comments made his cock twitch, even though the pain was still present from the previous weeks session.  Brandon casually swiped at his testicles with his free hand while his cock twitched at each prospective torture idea. With each SMACK to his orbs, precum began to ooze down his shaft and hormones rushed inside his head with just the idea of the coming violence.

Thwack, Thwack, Thwack, Thwack.

Band your nuts and place them in an ice bath until they are completely numb and purple.  I wanna see them die!! -Anon


Skewer your testicles shish-kabob style and burn them with a blowtorch. Cook them for me. -Anon


As the brutality of the suggestions increased, so did Brandon’s horniness.  Soon precum completely covered his shaft, with drops flying airborne from the blunt force of each strike.  The room became damp with sweat, and Brandon grunted softly with each strike.  Brandon's eyes continued to scour the page for that one idea that would elicit further views and push his masochistic potential.  He lived to please his sadistic viewers, further feeding his own masochism towards extremely violent acts.


He was not afraid of damaging his testicles to please his fans. He had bashed his nuts against a table with a mallet until the grew bloated and bruised. In a masochistic fervor, each mallet strike sunk deeper into his nut meat until a massive spurt of cum was released.  Another session he attempted to lift increasingly heavy weights with his scrotum, over stretching his spermatic cords to dangerous levels and forcing his nuts to conform to high levels of downward pressure.  After an attempt to lift a forty five pound weight plate, Brandon almost passed out and had to exit the camera space to vomit.  They were left permanently distended and hanging lower ever since.  In a further session he created a makeshift battering ram with a block of wood and cable, pounding his nuts with his legs spread vulnerably until his entire abdomen and upper body was coated in semen shaken loose from the unrelenting, testicle crushing, strikes. His nuts were so swollen and bloated he was stuck to bed rest for the entire weekend that time...

Bet your left nut against the crushing force of a vice and see how flat it can get. I want to know what a ball sounds like as it bursts. - Anon

Brandon’s eyes dilated slightly, and his cock let out a large squirt of precum, almost in positive affirmation of this cam episodes premise.  He stared down at his equipment and smiled, before grasping his scrotum a few inches above his balls and pulling them upward, then separating out his larger left testicle from it’s less weighty partner.  A large almost heart shaped bruise was still apparent of his left nut from last week's session with a 20 pound weight, a rope, and a makeshift pulley system through some ingenuity.  With his free hand, Brandon’s fingers traced the bulging orb gently, feeling every part of testicle. 

He began flicking his left testicle enthusiastically while his mind raced at the possibility of actually damaging his equipment. His excessively large testicles drew massive view counts and financed his life, but so long as he kept one...

Thwack, Thwack, Thwack, Thwack, Thwack, Thwack, Thwack, Thwack, THWACK.

With sadistic precision, his nail struck every vulnerable part of his testicle and a dull ache began to grow in his lower abdomen.  He then took his thumb and pressed it into the mass of flesh eliciting a jolt of pain like lightning and a further release of precum.  He imagined an unyielding piece of metal surging further into his nut meat and quivered with excitement.

His interest of genitorture bloomed had into a fetish in his teens with the discovery that his testicles were especially sensitive and that even the slightest distortion caused them to radiate with pain.  He also discovered that his dick would spring to life on its own through nut pain, sparking a lifetime pursuit of ballbusting pleasure.  With the slightest bit of pressure, Brandon’s testicles would distort and ripples of pain would radiate through his body.  They were especially malleable, and Brandon would sink his fingers deep into their membranes almost daily to keep them in top form.  The rush of endorphins caused his cock to engorge and with enough pressure his cock would release a load of tortured sperm hands-free, a favorite of his fans to observe.


In a lustful, contemplative haze, Brandon transitioned from light flicks to closed fist punching, causing the poor organ to bloat and turn bright red from the repeated blunt force trauma.


His fists rained down unto his trapped ball with brutal accuracy. With each strike waves of force traveled through his bloating gonad, warping the membrane as the force had nowhere to transfer to except further into his nut meat.  The muscled jock hammered his nut with reckless abandon, letting his body relish in the incredible agony of nut pain.  On the off chance his nut didn’t survive the encounter Brandon wanted to experience the anguish that it could cause at least one more time.

THUD.  *squick*

His fist pounded deep into his left testicle with such force that a gasp escaped Brandon’s lips.  He felt time dilate as the testicle meat oozed between his knuckles.  The testicle absorbed the destructive strike and crumpled to a fraction of it’s typical massive stature.  It flattened like a pancake.  Brandon could almost hear tubles breaking in the inner mechanism of his testis from the blunt force and his nervous system began firing rapidly as his body attempted to warn him of impending damage, desperate to stop him from further damage.

With a gasp, Brandon removed both hands from his manhood and fell back into his leather desk chair, covered in sweat and with a substantial pool of pre-ejaculate coating his thighs.  His nuts fell flatly against the seat with a splat, and slowly, his damaged nut began to re-inflate to its previous size.  The heart shaped bruise was no longer determinable as the bruising now extended further across the entire mass of flesh.  Brandon panted heavily and gripped the chair arms, eyes locked on the warped organ bloating from the vicious treatment, soon expanding to dwarf his partner due to swelling.  His scrotal skin was bruised and marked from the impact of his knuckles and the pain was at such a level that most men would faint, but Brandon’s cock still remained at full mast, dribbling gobs of noticeably less white semen.

A quick examination of his testicle proved it was still intact, although Brandon mused on how long that would be the case as he moved to shower and prep the studio.  He needed to produce and edit the video before the end of the weekend, requiring a multitude of hours of work.  After a hot shower and carefully shaving every hair off of his extremely tender left nut, and the remainder of his body for good measure, he set began to set up his camera and lighting.

As his weekly camming funded his lavish lifestyle, Brandon had spent a significant sum towards production quality of his weekly play sessions.  Brandon prided himself on his professional level of production, with two HD cameras and a multitude of lights to highlight his assets.  Brandon positioned one camera at groin level, allowing viewers to watch the damage occur of the micro level and also a positioned a second camera that encompassed his entire upper body.  This way, his viewers could experience the exquisite facial expressions and involuntary drooling that came along with nut pain.  He also positioned a microphone in close proximity of the strike zone; he mused that since a vice would be less noisy compared to other sessions, the sounds of his testicle crushing and pulping could be highlighted.  Brandon then lathered his body with oil and positioned the stage lights such that his body glistened and every muscle group was highlighted.  The view from the screen was that of an adonis.

Brandon had built a table out of planks that allowed him to position his manhood against a hard surface.  One of his previous queries was to smash his nuts with a baseball bat against a unyielding surface to maximize damage and his craftsmanship allowed the session to be performed solo.  The blood strains that had previously graced the tabletop had been washed clean and it was perfect base for a brutal, membrane crushing, CBT session.  Brandon figured be able to orient his testicle on the hardwood and crush it with a clamp, while also using the edges of the table to brace himself as the pain levels increased.  Brandon then, cupped his scrotum and pulled his swollen leftie to the bottom of the sack while forcing his uninjured right nut up against his abdomen.  He took a thin rope and began wrapping his testicle and extra scrotal skin until his nut was immobile and also distended far enough that it would be easy to fit a vice around the massive thing.

With the cameras and staging primed, Brandon let his swollen testicle drop on the table.  It landed with a wet slap and sat perched, plump, and extremely vulnerable while he positioned the jaws of a clamp against the bottom the table and faced the blunt end towards the center of the enlarged organ.  The flat head of the clamp was an inch in diameter and lightly rested above the doomed testicle. The ball itself was swollen to over three inches and quietly awaited its demise.  It was show time.

Brandon was already breathing heavily at the prospect of forcing the clamp to the very core of his testicle.  Sweat ran cold and profusely as the jock steadied his hands toward the handle of the screw.  His cock glistened and pulsed as his blood pressure raised further in anticipation towards the grisly end of his sex life.  He took a deep breath and twisted the handle on the screw a full rotation.

The first turn dimpled the flesh of his testicle.  This slight distortion caused small rush of pain from the already battered ball, but by the fourth turn Brandon’s testicle was beginning to deflate from the pressure.  The cruel metal screw was forced deeper into the confines of his testicle, causing the orange sized, swollen organ to bulge awkwardly.

“Ooooh!!” Brandon exclaimed, unintentionally as a fifth turn brought a surge of agony.

His eyes met the camera as he imagined his many viewers getting there rocks off to the macabre scene.  His nut was dying.  The previously purple organ was turning black from broken blood vessels in his scrotal skin.  The jaw of the clamp was bearing down into the deeper membranes of his ball and it was apparent that further exploration might result in permanent results.  Sweat glistened on his abs and the typically stoic masochist was gibbering quietly in an attempt to lower the ambient noise and let the microphone pick up the sounds of crushing his testicle.  Despite the inhuman level of pain and haze of masochistic lust, Brandon wanted to please his viewers fantasy and have every gruesome sound recorded.

His white knuckles turned the screw another full rotation.  The testicle bloated out like a fleshy pancake within the jaw, crushed to a fourth of it’s typical size.  Brandon gritted his teeth, releasing a keening cry as the organ was flattened to a precarious level.  The muscular jock was shaking violently and spittle was flying from his perfect lips.  His eyes bulged staring directly at the camera with a look of indescribable agony.  Further crushing seemed impossible, but after a brief impasse his hand rotated the screw again, and then again.

His testicle was so massive, the screw was no longer visible as it’s blunt end explored deeper. The microphone began picking up faint cricking sounds as the metal began to rupture the innards of his testicle.   The pain was so extreme that Brandon was forced stop flattening his nut and grip the sides of the table to brace himself.  He tried desperately to not pass out.  Bile began building in Brandon’s throat from pain induced nausea; fortunately he was knowledgeable enough in CBT play to fast before each play session.  The vascularity of his shredded body was highlighted as every muscle in his body flexed in response to the sensation of testicular destruction.  His vision was clouding, but fixated on either the camera or the engorged testis expiring on the table below him at all times.

Despite the current situation, his modest penis was so erect it hurt. The veins traveling the length of his shaft were pulsing with each turn of the clamp and his cock head spewed forth a seemingly endless supply of precum.  It oozed down onto the table in small globules, and the hue of red with them was increasing with each subsequent turn.  As the blunt metal began irreversible damage to the organ, waves of pleasure and agony overloaded his body causing his cock to quivver excitedly to the inevitable rupture.

Brandon looked down at his now solid black testicle and prepared for the finishing touch.  He took a deep breath, wiped the drool from his mouth, then rapidly turned the screw to complete the deed.


His testicle burst within his sack and began bulging dramatically as the innards started to unwind.  The sound was no dramatic CRUNCH or SPLOTCH, but a muted sound signifying the destruction of a man's greatest pride and vulnerability.  The metal split the testicle, fracturing the membrane and allowing the precious cargo within to spill within his sack.  Brandon’s hands continued to turn the screw, no longer able to process the predicament and guided by the single thought of finishing off the sex organ.

Squick. Sqourch. Criick. Splick.

The nut fractured in half as the damaged increased.  The once whole nut began elicit quiet sounds as the clamp continued to crush the remaining still whole parts of his testicle into pulp. The microphone picked up these frequencies of testicle components forcefully destroyed beyond repair.  Still Brandon’s hands twisted the screw deeper.

Splat. Splat. Splat. SPLAT. SPLAT.

Without any prompting, ropes of thick semen burst forth from his cock head with such force and volume they first coated Brandon’s chest, before reaching higher heights on his anguished face.  He had always had massive loads to couple with his titanic testis, often edging for hours each day to reserve enough ammo for an impressive show.  This load was unlike any other of his life, with spurts of semen continuously firing with no foreseeable end.  After the fourth volley of cum, the liquid released was dark red with blood as his quickly expiring nut sought to release every last drop of sperm despite its broken and rapidly dissolving substantive form.

Eventually, the semen began to subside and cock wilted as the anguising pain took over the entirety Brandon’s brain.  The jock’s eyes pierced the camera, his impressive musculature coated in pink-ish semen, and  a gruesome, bulging mass of former testicle flesh rested plaintively on the table. The former massive sex organ, a true testament to male virility, was reduced to a chunky pulp. Despite the grisly scene, Brandon’s lips remained curled in a smile as his fantasy was finally fulfilled.

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Hello there! Welcome to "Breaking Bull Balls: Ballbusting Stories" where I plan to infrequently share stories involving heavier themes of damaging ballbusting, testicular destruction, and castration.  Some stories may contain the complete destruction of one or both testicles in a particularly brutal fashion.  These stories can be overly gratuitous and violent, and are only fictional encounters with endowed men. It would be extremely dangerous to enact any of the acts described in future posts and also highly illegal.


This blog will contain stories written most likely infrequently by myself.  I have never written before, so this blog is an exercise of literary expression as well as an expression of a deeply sated fetish.  I am a recent college grad who's proclivity towards cock and ball torture play leans more extreme than most.  As these desires would be illegal in reality, I shall be releasing them through literary form!

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