Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Gym Cruising

It was a quiet night at the local gym, with nary a sound except the dull hum of fluorescent lights, muffled thuds of weights striking the floor, and dated pop music filtering in on an old speaker system.  The steady influx of new year's "resolutioners" had long since died out, leaving only the select few dedicated members.  Gym rats, powerlifters, cardio bunnies; as the evening drew close to midnight the numbers dwindled to single digits. 

In the quiet of the night, Jack was relaxing after a dedicated workout in the dry sauna. A pool of sweat had already formed beneath the stud, with droplets forming down his developed chest and dripping steadily onto the heated wooden slats with a sizzle of steam.

Jack sighed, steadying his breath in the intense heat. He wiped the sweat from his brow with his forearm in the sweltering heat with a pained grunt. 

He'd worked his arms so intensely in the prior workout that even the act of lifting his arm was difficult. He let his arm fall languidly onto the wooden slats of the bench and gently flexed his bicep; veins pulsed the entirety of his muscular arms, highlighting nearly a decade of dedicated weightlifting. Jack winced slightly as he began to massage his chest.  He then worked his fingers expertly into the overworked muscles enjoying the painful ache from the beleaguered muscle group.

Jack was the definition of a gym rat. 

He'd spent many long nights lifting weights, sacrificing his social and romantic life in exchange for a truly impressive physique.  His shoulders were sculpted with each individual muscle striation pronounced, his biceps had developed into a perfect ball of muscle, and triceps brachii latticed perfectly down the length of his arm like interlaced pythons.  His pectoral muscles were massive and contoured his torso, perfectly symmetric abdominal muscles laced his abdomen, and overdeveloped obliques formed a stark V-shape that naturally drew the eyes lower to the bulge between his muscular thighs.

Once your eyes drifted that far, it was impossible not to stare. 

Barely obscured by an undersized towel Jack's cock was stretched against the thin fabric, leaving little to the imagination.  With every motion the stud made, his dick shifted in it's confines as if determined to escape the cotton restraint. 

Along with his Herculean physique, Jack sported a nearly inhuman cock.  The lofty organ was nearly 5 inches flaccid, and a thick, dense piece of masculinity that had pounded loads deep into the guts of countless women and men alike.  When stimulated properly, it engorged to over nine inches of man meat with veins traveling up it's length, rooting to his abdomen.  A fitting cock for an Adonis of his caliber.

Equally impressive, an often as enticing to lovers as his shaft, were his massive nuts. They were impressive specimens, each bulging out noticeably around his thick cock, the size of kiwis and often uncomfortably crushed by compression shorts.  His baby makers were dense and durable, a fact he had determined from a lifetime of sport injuries. Due to the heat of the sauna, they were hanging low between his thighs and pendulously swinging off the front of the bench. 

Jack continued to massage his upper body with trained motions. He rubbed the skin around his deltoids, pinched his sore trapezius muscles, and rolled his neck slightly, before moving downward.  Jack traced the crevasse of muscle dividing his abs and walked his fingertips over each bulge, counting to six down his abdomen, before allowing his hands to fall nonchalantly onto the precipice of his sweat drenched towel.  He twitched his index finger against the fabric as discretely as he could, pulling it upward.

The thin towel housing his impressive payload slid up his sweat drenched thighs from the motion, allowing the very tip his manhood to slip into view.

Jack nonchalantly spread his legs further apart, letting the head of his cock pop fully into view from beneath his towel.  It glistened in the dim fluorescent light, like an erotic strawberry.  Jack enjoyed the sensation of sweat dripping down the length of his shaft, the tickle of droplets forming on his glans, pearling at the tip of his shaft, before falling to the wooden slats below with an audible drip.  

drip,               drip,                drip,                drip

The exhibition made Jack's mind rush, as he wiggled his cock enticingly like a master fisherman determined to hook a big one.  With any luck, he hoped to score quite the prize tonight.

Sitting on the level below, diagonal from him, was a Latino powerlifter in form fitting sweats, rocking gently to the beat of the music in his headphones.  Jack had been scoping the man out for hours, closely observing his workout regime. The Herculean Latino’s lifts matched his own in volume, a feat that Jack watched with growing arousal with each weight increase. It was rare to find a man as strong as him and watching his muscled ass strain against his sweats while deadlifting was nearly too much to behold. 

Jacks mind was blurry with erotic fantasies, and he could feel the veins along his flaccid shaft pulse under the towel as he glanced down at the man. He imagine that muscled ass twitching under his tongue, sweat flowing down the sculpted curvature of their bodies, eyes rolling back, abdomen visibly bulging while penetrated, a splatter of semen coating the walls.  

His mind was as hazy as the sauna air with lust. 

Jack flicked his eyes over the man's body like an inquisitive house fly.  While shorter than Jack, the latin stud was built like an ox; massive overdeveloped muscles strained against the thin fabric of his two piece sweatsuit giving him the appearance of a raging bull.  He sported a chiseled jawline and a well kept beard that contoured his face, further emphasizing his masculinity.   With each passing minute, sweat further drenched his grey sweats and Jack was starting to get even more aroused as each muscle group became more pronounced, tight against the man's trained body.

Jack's shaft was pointed at near eye level of the jock across from him, just barely visible beneath the barrier of his towel.  It jiggled with his every movement, a thick hunk of masculinity shifting tantalizingly like a virile snake. Lower still, his pendulous testes shifted as Jack began to tapped his foot against the slats, like a hypnotists pendant  The muscled man’s eyes appeared closed, brow drenched with sweat and focused on outlasting the heat, but Jack noticed the quick glances the man was making between his legs when Jack was looking away. His amber eyes shifting with each pendulum swing between his legs. 

His prize fish looked ready to bite.  

With measured precision, Jack moved his cock to the side and allowed his nuts to lie flush against the wooden slats of the bench, reveling in the warm sensation of the heated wood against his nutsack. He then took a deep breath, stretched his arms up into the air slowly, expanding his spine but also “accidentally” allowing his towel to fall from his body, thus exposing his huevos fully. As he let his arms fall to his sides, he absentmindedly forgot to cover himself leaving his eggs baking on the bench below him, cock covered halfway with his towel. With the boiling temperature of the sauna, steam was rising off of their mass as they cooked in the hot air.   

The bulging organs were perfectly plump and shiny with sweat, glistening in the dim light like erotic gems. They were so swollen with cum from the constant arousal they seemed to overfill his sack. The smell of masculinity diffused through the air, wafting into the nostrils of his sauna compatriot. 

The Latin bull was panting heavily in the heat, eyes squinted as sweat ran down his brow. 

His sweat drenched sweats stretched against his muscular frame, dark grey and waterlogged, steaming into the open air. At the precipice of his spread legs, his cockhead was now obvious to the eyes, pressed against the fabric like a mushroom. Every time the ox of a man opened his eyes to Jack's frame, his bulge seemed to tighten further against the fabric of his pants. The man shifted his hands in front of his manhood, as if attempting to hide an erection, but instead pulled against the fabric to highlight his shaft against the fabric. 

The sexual tension in the air electric in the air as each stud coyly displayed their sexual prowess without a word.

The movement of eyes, rising of dicks, and body language was all the conversation needed.  Eyes were locked to bulging cocks, straining fabric, as each man took turns highlighting his erection like a ritualistic mating dance. Jack pulled back his towel against his shaft, lifting it skyward as it strained to inflate, while his partner across from his gripped his shaft through his joggers giving it a few tugs.  Biceps were flexed cockily, abs tight while posturing, nipples teased aggressively.

Then, without a word the latin stud moved from his post to kneel before the muscle stud. His thick bulge had snaked its way far down the his pants, pressing against his sweat drenched joggers with explosive force. 

Jack smiled and flexed his hips.  


The jock's cock flopped out onto the bench with obvious weight, landing on his cushioning ballsack. The thick organ barely obscured his balls, cockhead inching to full size.  It's mass took skyward as if anticipating a hot throat.

With a controlled movement the Latino bull kneeled down on the floor before Jack, staring at the jocks manhood inquisitively before reaching two strong hands up towards his genitals. To Jack's surprise, instead of warm caress of his shaft, the man gently palmed Jack’s cock down towards his thigh, revealing his plump babymakers.  The bull then gripped the underside of the wooden bench and aimed his thumbs towards the center of his nuts. Jack felt a thick thumb palpate the center of each of his massive orbs, pressing into them slightly.

"Mmmm, you like my balls, bro?" Jack whispered, widening his stance to allow the man better access to his goods.  

Jack considered his balls his best feature. 

He loved having his nuts fondled, suckled upon, and massaged gently; each action garnered a greater helping of cum, which endlessly churned in their masses.  His loads were copious and thick, surprising many a partner in days past.  Jack could almost feel the semen pulsing in their depths as the man continued his inquisitive probing.

The powerlifter remained silent, as if hypnotized by the eggs steaming on the bench before him.  He massaged his fingers into both orbs gently, rolling his thumbs over their sides, rubbing them from the dense pack of cords to the tip. He tested their elasticity and give, pulsing his fingers into their depths and stopping just before the sensation became uncomfortable. 

With the gentle probe of his babymakers, Jack was moaning under his breath while staring down at the Latino's focused face.  His cock began twitching with each squeeze, rapidly inflating as Jack's arousal levels skyrocketed.  His manhood snaked down his thigh elastic, before hardening and taking to the sky.  Within seconds, the powerlifters vision was partially obscured by his shaft. Jack causally pressed his toes into the bulge of his partners pants, delighted at the hard hunk of meat he felt his toes sinking into. 

Jack grinned down at his partner.

He flexed his cock up to his abs with an aggressive smack, before allowing the thick member to return to position, aimed upwards at the man's waiting mouth.   His hands still firmly planted on his sack, the Latino stud glanced at Jack, before tentatively extending a pink tongue towards it's mass like a curious carp. Before agressively tonguing its enterity.

Droplets of sweat tricked down his shaft into the man's mouth as he slid his tongue over every inch of surface area, gagging slightly on the salty male juices.  He moved up and down Jack's shaft, the wetness of his tongue cleaning his cock of sweat and musk.  With his workspace clean, the man opened his mouth wide taking just Jacks cockhead into his mouth.  He expertly twirled his tongue around his glans, sucking slightly as if determined to pull the first drops of cum directly from their source, resumed his nut massage with both hands, and thrust his head forward.


Jack gasped in surprise as his cock was engulfed nearly to it's base, cockhead nestled deep in the man's throat.  In one masterful stroke, the man forced Jack's cock deeper into his gullet, mouth stretched wide, eyes strained, as inch after inch slid deeper down his throat.  Until with a wet slhlicking sound, his cock disappeared completely.  With a pained expression, the man began a methodical pace, sliding his throat up and down the meat shaft.

"Holy shit!" Jack exclaimed, he shifted his body in surprise.

There were very few people talented enough to take Jack's full manhood, and Jack felt like a lottery winner tonight.  Engrossed with the sensation of his throat, he barely felt a thing as the man increased the pressure on his prized orbs.

At first the probing was erotic, eliciting pleasure with each gentle squeeze.  But as Jack's cock slid deeper into the man's mouth, he in turn shifted more force into his huevos, dimpling them against the hard wooden slats.  His tough orbs were crushed increasingly brutally, pressure bearing down on the center of mass.

Jack grunted at the painful sensation, but was no wimp when it came to pain so he allowed the crushing to continue as the power lifter was obviously enjoying himself. The bulge pressed against Jack’s toes was pulsing along with each stroke and subsequent squeeze. 

“You like playing with my balls, don’t you?” Jack spoke, lustily, as he caressed the handsome man’s head and staring his his deep amber eyes.

An extra aggressive squeeze that made Jack wince slightly was his only response. In the quiet room a slightly wet, squishing sound could be heard as the sweat drenched orbs deformed, and plumped back up to original size repeatedly. 

Splish, splish, splish

The throating continued. Right as Jack was considering protesting the ball play, the man would increase his tempo, ratcheting up and down his shaft with incredible speed. The pleasure counteracted the painful massage, and actually allowed Jack’s lust to reach higher heights. 

“Mmmm,” Jack squirmed as both of his nuts were flattened like pancakes. 

His balls were concave in shape from the continued abuse his abusers thumbs like iron in their soft masses.

“Harder bro.”

The normally stoic man was experiencing masochism for the first time, and mentally weakening with each twirl of tongue and testicle deforming crush. 

In a brief moment of respite, his right ball was released as the man struggled to remove the tight, sweat drenched joggers strangling his lower body.  With a wet slap a Latin cock flopped into view, rock hard and twitching.  It was as thick as Jack's member although half the size and oozing a nearly constant drip of precum without stimulation.  As his right ball's crushing resumed Jack stared, hypnotized as the member twitched and spasmed, hands free with each stroke.  The sight was almost too much.

"Shit man, I'm getting close," Jack moaned, orgasm building deep within his assaulted nuts.  He tensed his legs in anticipation, pressed his back against the wooden slats, and closed his eyes.


The relief of orgasm never came.  Instead, the Latino stud had removed his warm throat at the peak of Jack's pleasure, leaving him on the very edge of bliss.  The man smiled as small spurt of semen flowed from Jack's cockhead into the his waiting mouth.

"Dude I'm really clo-" Jack started to protest, before agonizing pain silenced his lips.

Jack's cock was still spasming in pre orgasm bliss as the Latino stud furled his brow and used all of his strength to crush to life out of his trapped babymakers. The proud nuts which had sparked a lifetime of weightlifting motivation were now fighting for their lives against the wooden bench.  The vice grip continued, digging deeper and deeper into the beleaguered eggs. 

"Fuck! My nuts, dude!"

The skin at the point of contact was white and the bull was grunting with effort as he leveraged more and more body weight into his thumbs. Jack’s assailant was panting wildly and bucking his hips involuntarily. His thick cock seemingly grew harder as Jack’s eggs grew closer to cracking. 

"Shit, Shit, Shit, Shit," he keened,  pushing against the man's brick like shoulders with all his might in an attempt to make him stop. But if anything that motivated him to press harder.

They were getting flatter.

"Dude, please!"

And flatter.

"Please!" His voice cracked girlishly as he felt his left nut compress to a quarter of his normal girth. 

The nearly ruined organ was rapidly turning purple, flattened to a pancake.  His right nut was fairing only slightly better, the dense middle was compressing rapidly to dangerous levels giving the organ the appearance of a donut as the man's fingers approached terminal pressure.


Jack felt the energy flow from his body as the agony from his loins overwhelmed his mind.  He fell back against the wall limp and vulnerable. Jack's eyes dilated and he nearly fainted from the pain.  His head went slack, drooping against his chest.  Jack could only watch in horror as his now blacked balls were softened further.  


Jack's nut flesh was crushed harder still, with a grunt from his attacker.  Both nuts were purple and bloated, deformed against the wooden slats like overcooked hamburger patties.

Splich, Squick, Splich

With Jack's brutalized babymakers at the brink of destruction, they began to make slight crunching noises as internal components started to break and burst within their masses. It was only a matter of time now before the invading thumbs would successfully break their defenses. 

Crick, splich, crunch

Jack’s cock was surprisingly still hard under the onslaught and he felt his sexual life flash before his eyes.  It was such a beautiful member, a pinnacle of masculinity, and about to be silenced forever. 

Splich, Splich, Splich

The sounds filled Jack’s ears, invading his brain with fear as each crunching sound brought a cascade of pain. Tubules were fractured within the mass of tortured meat that hung low between his legs. And the sound was coming to a crescendo.

Jack's cock twitched. 

Delirious from pain, Jack faintly felt his shaft spasm. Then a rush of blood engorged his member like never before.  As if attempting to vacate it's payload to make space, Jack's cock tensed in preparation for a load of a lifetime.  The pain from his mushed sack was silenced, as a pleasurable lull could be felt deep within the very core of his nuts.

The powerlifters hands were trembling from effort, sweat pouring down his muscled body.  The intense pressure had allowed his digits to reach the almost absolute center.  The stud looked up at the handsome man he was destroying and Jack's eyes met his piercing amber ones.

Jack’s cock spasmed against his abdomen once before assuming position.  Then Jack heard his own voice speak the consenting command.

“Break me.”

Jack was suddenly calm and focused as if all the endorphins in his body switched off.  The latino bull opened his mouth in anticipation, tongue fully outstretched, before shifting both thumbs solely onto Jack’s left nut and pressing down hard. 


The strong testicle broke, succumbing to the pressure and bursting at it's seam.  The hairline fracture spread across it's bulbous mass, ripping the tough exterior brutally and liquifying the innards. Like a cookie cutter through a soft ball of dough, the once impressive organ was penetrated through.  The dense inner membrane spilling all of Jack's unborn children into his sack.


Splat, Splat, Splat

Jack screamed as his cock released a volley of cum.  Thick, gooey droplets of baby batter gushed from his shaft unending; first striking his partner's forehead, but with quick repositioning the remaining volleys landed perfectly down his throat.  

Splat, Splat, Splat

Every muscle on the bodybuilders body was tense and tight as his orgasm continued.  Volly after volly striking the back of Latino throat audibly as the man continued to crush the now unwhole orb.  More and more semen burst forth as his body attempted to ensure every last working sperm in reserves was able to escape his rapidly dying left nut. 

Jack’s eyes crossed as a large pulsing member brought up towards his handsome face.  

Spurt, Spurt, Spurt,

Jack was plastered with cum, coating his mouth and sticking to his sculpted beard.

Spurt, spurt, spurt,spurt

Jack's pronounced pectorals were the next be violated, droplets of baby batter spread out over their rounded masses.

Splat, splat,-


The thick meaty member shot one partial final volley, before the thick member was pressed into Jack’s mouth to allow the remnants to dribbled down his throat. Strong, musky cum filled Jack’s senses briefly before the violating member was removed. It’s wet masses still obscuring his view, it continued to ooze man residue all over Jack's muscled body. 

Orgasm subsided, Jack’s mind was quickly taken from the pain. His last memory was his body gripped in firm embrace, a sexy Latin accent drenched with lust whispering into his ear, and fingers reaching toward his lumpy sack. 

By the time the final lights were turned off in the facility, the testes was liquified entirely. 


  1. I am BEYOND thrilled to see you post a new story on your blog, after more than a year and a half of silence! And yes, I have been checking your site with some frequency, hoping against hope that you'd post again, and I was NOT disappointed! Absolutely amazing story!! My heart (and my cock) was pounding all the way through!

    Thank you once again for sharing your amazing talent with the rest of us! :)

    1. Agreed! Love the fact that this powerful bodybuilder gets destroyed slowly and painfully by the guy he wanted to take home and wreck.

      Cannot wait to see what else you come up with. Have you thought about electro to soften up the nuts? Electro extremely hurts (from experience) but leaves no marks so a buster will think that you have fresh, unbusted nuts